With Spring here, I decided to take a few pictures the other day while walking up the driveway towards the barn.



One of the pretty views up by the barn


Majestic hills surround us. I wish I could capture just how high up these hills are.


Looking out from our field from the barn area…


Look what we have here, a couple of our chickens pecking around the sage brush. This sage brush has such a beautiful, clean, pepperminty type of smell. I rub it between my fingers sometimes.



Daddy fixing fencing


Walking on our freshly plowed field. Our neighbor Rosie came by the other day as she offered to plow our field for free. We have some of the kindest neighbors up here. Very giving people up here…. The community is growing on us.


Hannah banana. You just lost your other front tooth the other day while eating an apple.


Chops looking cute as ever…


Our beautiful field that our neighbor so generously plowed for us.

Chickens and kids…


Daddy prepping things up for Spring…

036 055 026

Watching the chickens. We now have turkeys but I’ll save that for the next post.  : )


The lake still frozen the other day here. Today it’s thawed out and everything is blue outside.

016 017015

See the green in the lake here? Just wait until Summer, it looks like exotic waters it’s so clear and pretty.


… and one good loaf of 100% whole wheat bread. Don’t tell me a whole wheat loaf turns out like a brick.  : )

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