Turkeys and Spring Part II

There’s no turkeys here on this post, but since I took the pictures all on the same day I thought I may as well do this one as a part II.  : )  While we are here for whatever time God allows, I may as well share some of the joys of living here.


You are too cute Elisabeth. No, she isn’t wearing prescription glasses yet. She is wearing my non-prescription glasses I bought from Zenni Optical for $6.95 last month to see if I really wanted to make the switch over. They really do offer prescription glasses for $6.95 on their site. I have 2 pairs on their way for $21.00 total. Anyways, I’ll be taking her in for her first eye exam this year as she’s coming up on 8 years old. I was 8 when I had to wear my first pair. They look so good on you Pup!


Everyone wearing mommy’s glasses… you all sure look cute!


This was the lake yesterday… very calm and the pretty green look is starting to reveal itself. It’s just beautiful water to swim in. It has a high amount of epsom salts in it so there are very few mosquitoes here. The light green you see is just clean sand. It’s nice to walk through. I swam and walked a lot last Summer to the point that I lost 30 pounds just having fun.


Enjoying the pretty view from the deck. I swam across the cove last year, it took a half hour to make it to the other side and back. There were turtles sitting on the rocks on the other side. We’ve had a few out front here as well. We caught one and kept him for the day before releasing him. I’ll make sure we catch another just to take a picture.



Oodles of kids…. we just thought we would end up with eight, but my body is telling me much different each month. We’re alright with that though. We’re looking forward to getting the last 3 out of diapers. Hmmm, what a nice dream! : )  I’ve been changing diapers since 1988.

Last Summer, I took the kids out on the lake several times with floaties and inner tubes. Elisabeth came close to being able to swim on her own. Maybe this Summer. Another nice thing about this lake is that it is really shallow for a good 25+ feet. We can go away from the shore a ways and it is still only to a bit above my knees. It makes me feel safe in having the kids out in the water with me. The kids aren’t allowed down at the water without us, period. Or they end up having to come into the house. They have been really good about it. With the lake, I am not concerned about there being a problem with the kids. I am more concerned about rattle snakes, bears (yes, they are up here, so we’ve been told), and cougars. Sometimes I wish the kids were just a bit older, I wouldn’t worry so much. Anyways, enough rambling… : )

Baby Turkeys and Spring…

Well things just keep getting better with Spring upon us. It’s nice to get the kids outside – and me outside too. Here’s a few pictures of the past couple of days. I’ll put up the rest of the pictures soon.



Daddy and Matthew


 Girls having fun…


 Close sisters…


 Daddy enjoying being outdoors


 Matthew being a boy


Elisabeth’s sweet letter to me. It says, “Thank you for all that you do I love you very much!” Thank you sweetie!


 Playing with their ponies…


 The blue carpet  – all gone!


Some wonderful pickled garlic that my neighbor Carol gave me.  I believe it has a bit of honey in it, it has just the right amount of sweetness to it. I will have to do this myself now as I cannot stay away from it!


Another gift our neighbor gave to us. I can’t wait to get it going and try it. It is a hearty green herb that supposedly tastes like spinach. It has good medicinal properties to it. Thanks again Carol!!! Again, I just love my neighbors here.


Pup with a new doll we picked up at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago.


Baby turkeys. Matthew took the kids out yesterday to pick up some baby chicks at Princes. They only had a few left and they were only straight run, so they walked over to look at the turkeys. They were nearly ten dollars a piece, just too pricey for our liking. One of the employees there, (he suspects to be the manager) happened to be talking with Matthew and the kids. She shared after a few minutes that she wanted to buy the kids some turkeys. Matthew shared that she didn’t have to do that, but she insisted. She bought them 4 baby white broad breasted turkeys (the ones we use to raise) and a bag of feed. What a dear thing for a stranger to do! We have never been in such a community that is so giving – and they give freely here. It brings me such joy to be able to give and exchange here  with little opportunities that come our way. Thank you Sue for blessing us. The kids are surely enjoying the baby turkeys you bought for them.


 Matthew is in his glory. We are raising them for a couple of weeks in our basement. Keep them nice and warm.


… and sugar free chocolate. Keeps me away from the sweets and good for you! Black cocoa, coconut oil, cream, a little butter and stevia. I keep it in the fridge. I just enjoy a little spoonful each day.

Goodbye Blue Carpet

The only thing I had trouble with when we moved in here, was the blue carpet. This house is gorgeous and needs to be stripped of all of its extras in order to show its true beauty. We are in the process of laying bamboo flooring down. So far, Matthew has our bedroom closet and master bathroom down. It was the hardest part that required a lot of cutting so the rest of the flooring should go down a lot quicker. I will share pictures of the flooring soon. But for now, this is what we’re walking on now. The plywood even looks better than the blue flooring. It’s so much lighter looking inside now.  : )  And it should help tremendously with the sale of the home. Apparently, people didn’t want to buy the home because of the “blue carpet.” Well, now they will have no excuse.


 Half of the living room stripped of the carpet. Very few staples… we were blessed.


Looking good… prepping for the real thing.

With Spring here, I decided to take a few pictures the other day while walking up the driveway towards the barn.



One of the pretty views up by the barn


Majestic hills surround us. I wish I could capture just how high up these hills are.


Looking out from our field from the barn area…


Look what we have here, a couple of our chickens pecking around the sage brush. This sage brush has such a beautiful, clean, pepperminty type of smell. I rub it between my fingers sometimes.



Daddy fixing fencing


Walking on our freshly plowed field. Our neighbor Rosie came by the other day as she offered to plow our field for free. We have some of the kindest neighbors up here. Very giving people up here…. The community is growing on us.


Hannah banana. You just lost your other front tooth the other day while eating an apple.


Chops looking cute as ever…


Our beautiful field that our neighbor so generously plowed for us.

Chickens and kids…


Daddy prepping things up for Spring…

036 055 026

Watching the chickens. We now have turkeys but I’ll save that for the next post.  : )


The lake still frozen the other day here. Today it’s thawed out and everything is blue outside.

016 017015

See the green in the lake here? Just wait until Summer, it looks like exotic waters it’s so clear and pretty.


… and one good loaf of 100% whole wheat bread. Don’t tell me a whole wheat loaf turns out like a brick.  : )

Blog Comments and Other Things

I am so sorry, I do not receive a notification by e-mail anymore when someone comments on here. I’m not sure why. I will sometimes go a few months without thinking to check if there are comments on here and then find that there are several from old posts. I have changed a few things so I can see your comments (which many of them are dear to my heart when I read them), and respond to them. A few years ago on my older blog, I didn’t even know how to respond to comments and I think I lost a few people as I was probably taken for being quite rude. Again, my apologies.  : (

On another note, Matthew is starting to till up the ground by the barn now and we will be planting some seeds here pretty soon. We will still be doing some farming but we will keep it limited as we have to put up deer fencing. There are plenty of deer up here, more than I have ever seen. In the Spring and Summer, we see them walking in our back yard nearly every day. I go for walks and there they are up by the barn or somewhere on our property. They are very comfortable with humans. I wish I had my old pictures of them that I took this last Summer before losing my computer. Anyways, we’ll be planting arugula, spinach, collards, kale, pumpkins and more. We’ll be planting some herbs as well…. we want to try stevia as I love it as a sweetener.

The twins have been very sick the past week and a half. They are doing much better now. We are tearing up the blue carpet in the master bedroom and living room and will be putting down some bamboo flooring that was on sale at Home Depot. It will arrive this Wednesday. I am already taking pictures of the process. I will post again soon….

A small thing…. I am going to get my first pair of glasses since I was a child. I wear contacts but find that I love the way I look so much more when I wear reading glasses. So, I can’t wait to share once I get them. I have one of those faces that is just made for eyeglasses.  : )

Last year, I got some pictures of the 6 foot bull snakes we have out here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bullsnake. And we have plenty of them. I will get some more pictures as soon as we start seeing them. They are not venomous, but apparently are pretty nasty/grouchy! We had a moose swimming in the lake last year, I don’t know if I will ever see that again, but if I do, I will surely take a picture. Bobcats, cougars, bear and mountain goats are out here… but I have only seen the bobcat. He was in our coop a few months ago and killed most of our chickens. We have the most beautiful birds out here, cute little chipmunks, and of course some trout that I will have to photograph. The kids learned how to fish last year and will pick it right up again this April. There was a month towards the end of Summer last year that we caught some huge 1 pounder trout. I will have to take some pictures of that too.

Anyways, thanks for letting me share my random thoughts. I am feeling better about things now that the snow has melted and we’ve all gotten outside these past few days. It’s been beautiful out here. We’ll keep on living, making the best of things and make new memories here to take with us when we leave. Every place we go has something to offer and someway we can contribute too. Be blessed my friends and enjoy the new season of Spring coming about.   : )

We Miss the Farm


Summer 2011

Though our lives are filled with kids and the busyness of life, we miss the farm deeply. Our lives are not the same not having a farm. In Iowa last year, the kids were still playing outside through November.  Daddy still had the cow to milk. The year before when we were in Westport area in Washington, the kids would play in the barn in the winter. They would feed and play with the chickens and we always had something to talk about regarding the farm. During the winter months, we looked at seed catalogs and daddy made a list of all that he was going to plant and where he would plant it. He made up a sort of blue print and would pin it up in the barn. It was always an exciting time to look forward to spring.

Now I look out at the lake and wonder what we were thinking in buying this home. We simply just miss our farm. We miss seeing the kids lives entwined in the whole farm life. Oh, how we can’t wait for God to move us so we can finally get this thing right. My blog isn’t even right anymore. The poor kids don’t have anything to do here because we traded our farm life for luxury lake front living and to be frank, it’s quite boring.

I hear our chimes out the back window, our chimes that our Realtor and his wonderful wife gave us as a gift when we bought the home in Iowa, and I remember the hot, humid wind blowing them when I arrived home with boxes full of things from the Amish stores. We heard those chimes when the wind picked up quite quickly and you could feel the heat and the cold in the air at the same time. The thunder would start and the rain would then fall. Daddy would have to shut to barn. We would look out the windows at the newness of the thunderstorms that they had there. It was all fun and exciting at the same time for us. I heard those chimes while sitting in a reclining chair in the backyard, pregnant with the twins. The kids were running around until out of breath, they picked vegetables, watched the chickens and talked to our cow. They played in the water from the water pump to cool off from the heat. It was humid, I didn’t like it, but I somehow miss it now.

The farm we had in Washington, if you followed our blog back then in the summers of 2009 or so through 2012 when we moved, it was such a busy time of learning. Kids, and more kids and more kids. Eight baby chicks to chickens, to a hatchery to so many chickens and eggs that we would sell them and trade them for salmon, halibut and crab. Our regular customers were dear to us. We really go to know them. Back to the farm – then we raised turkeys  and ducks, we raised a couple of cows, and even a couple of pigs. Oh, how fun it was. Matthew would trade eggs with a butcher 60 minutes away from us and he would fill our trunk full of top quality beef. We had so much, we gave much away. Then my husband got into gardening…. plowing the fields, planting the seeds with the little kids… What an abundance we had. Again, so much we had to give away and give away. Watermelons; kinds we had never heard of, canteloupes, corn, lemon balm, collards, strawberries, pumpkin patches and so much more. What a joy it was. What a life we loved so much. We cannot wait to get back to that life again and be able to take it where we want to go with it. We were just getting the hang of it and just getting to roll with it… Oh, how we hope that we can move soon so we can get back to doing the things we truly love and that God wants us to do. Please pray for us, it is very hard on us. It is very empty here and it is our own doing. We’re trying to make the best of it… But, for the kid’s sakes, I hope we can get into a farm again soon.  : )

More Kiddo Pictures

I have been having so much trouble with the long posts, that I have decided to break the posts up a bit.


Leah, you are being silly again.  : )






Thoughtful Leah…


Tabitha and Anna eating graham crackers.


Anna eating some noodles, eggs and bananas for lunch.


Messy noodles…





Mmmm, homemade Ganache.  Ganache is the real rich chocolate cream that is nestled in between homemade layered chocolate cake. It is firmer than frosting and much richer and very yummy.  Mommy always has a little stash of Ghiradelli chocolate chips 60% dark on hand so one day I decided that by making homemade ganache, the addition of cream would actually help me cut down on the consumption of sugar that I eat with just the chips alone. Well, I ate more ganache than I would have if I would have just stuck with my few chocolate chips each day. It was so good though. I put some on a graham cracker one day.



Babies and Things…


Miriam, this is the best picture of you since you were a newborn. What a pretty girl!!!


Tabitha with something in her pretty, little mouth…


Pretty Miriam again…


The three little ones are starting to play together. They are becoming their own little group.


So dainty, Miriam.


Pretty, little Tabitha.


Mommy’s homemade granola. I buy a 25 lb bag of oats from Azure Standard each month for $13.00 and that is what we eat for breakfast every day in the form of granola, muesli and oatmeal.


The granola fresh out of the oven.


Anna 004

Anna again…

Just Living…


Leah doing dishes



Matthew and Leah being silly


You silly leah



Pretty girl  : )


Mommy’s Bread


Pretty Elisapup! I sure like your piggy tails. You look like Mommy did when she was your age.  : )




Having fun with a puzzle that our neighbor gave them.


Our busy mornings…


Black bottom cake… I bought some BLACK COCOA after all these years of wanting to try it and tried this recipe first.


See how black and chocolaty it looks?




Black Cocoa


Elisabeth’s cute, cute picture.   : )

The Beauty of Winter

Living just 4 miles South of the Canadian border, we have beautiful winters here…         

125123119        197

It’s as quiet as it looks


View from the dining area


Out the front door


Beautiful icicles, pretty snow on the lake…