Slow Winter Days…


Anna’s messy face…



Matthew as cute as ever


Chops and Leah looking cute!



Two cute baby girls…


Little Leah – I think her baby look is starting to go.  : (


Mommy’s newly reupholstered chair. I bought the chair at a garage sale a few years back for only $3.00. I put one of my favorite fabrics on it, using a staple gun underneath. Looks great!


The frozen lake. There are hot springs underneath that make the ice vulnerable, so no skating for us. I heard from a neighbor that the previous owner drove on the lake one year and went through the ice. He had to get a tow truck to get his truck out. Poor guy.


Doesn’t the ice just beckon you to go skating on it though???

107 Little Anna – the color didn’t turn out too well, but you sure did!


Close sisters…


Taking a rest wherever they please…


Doing school work – probably writing.


Our beautiful view throughout the day. Just look at that snow. As I am writing this (draft the other day), it was 1 degree this morning. A pipe burst or something happened today, we have water in the garage. I had to turn the water off to our house. Matthew was gone 3 hours away taking care of some business with some of the kids when I heard water running. We have a plumber coming out tomorrow morning.

Anna’s big beautiful eyes. She has a little brown in her left (our right), eye. Another difference between the twins.



Girls all cozy in front of the fireplace…

Little giggles…


Cute, little flipped up hair. I just had to take a picture of you.



Leah having fun in the little bed that the kids made for her in the living room.

All cuddled up…

Playing with animals

Pup pestering her brother


Recent books… This one is on traditional cooking; sausage making, cheese, sauerkraut and so much more. Yum!


Good, topical book of our early Christian father’s writings. These writings are compiled from a 10 volume work, pre-nicene creed days. You can read it for free. Excellent writings from Polycarp, Ignatius, Tertullian, Lactantius (one of my favorites), here :


Good recipes here… I’ve tried some. Much better than the store bought junk and so easy to make!

Pretty and cold outside…


Beautiful lake with the sun going down at the end of the day.  I love the shadows.


Matthew having fun with the kitty puzzle. He puts this together about 5 times a day. Time to get him a new one soon.


All fresh from a bath. Your messy hair looks cute here.

Cute, little Tabitha


Cute, little pucker lips…

Fun activities…

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    • Little Miriam is in the pretty yellow dress on one of my latest posts. Thank you for asking! She and the twins are starting to play together. It is so nice to see that she has someone to play with now. : )

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