Fun Pictures

DSC_0137Though we’ve been in an apartment for over 2 months, we’ve still managed to have some fun. Here are the girls blowing bubbles this morning outside of our apartment. I have a gazillion more pictures to upload… pretty soon. I want to catch up as we are heading to Oroville in the morning. My friend Heather made these sweet looking skirts for me a couple of weeks ago. The kids would go hiking with daddy and somehow ruin their dresses and skirts. I had nothing left for them to wear. Thank God for nice friends to help. See Heather how nice they look on them? You’ll see in the upcoming pictures how we are getting really good use out of them.

A Short Time of Hard…

Update:  We are heading to Oroville next Thursday to stay our last week in a motel in the town we are buying the home in. We are excited to be going there as we will be able to get to know the area and talk to some of the people there.

Also, I am finally uploading several of our old pictures that somehow didn’t transfer over to this blog. You can see some of them on the older posts starting in 2007. It’s fun to see how much we have all grown.


When we moved into this furnished unit, we shared that we would need a couple of months here. My husband asked if we needed a few more weeks, if they could accomodate us. They (Alfreds Inc.), shared that they would then proceed to charge us weekly. Well, my husband called to share when we would be out and they shared that they had someone moving in here already and that we need to be out on the 16th. We won’t be in our home until the 24th so we are very upset. We’re trying to get in a rental for our last week up in Oroville, through our Realtor. Things just feel really hard right now. Please pray for us, it’s been a hard week.

Another problem that we got resolved: Our belongings are in the ABF truck in Iowa and while they will deliver to Spokane, they won’t deliver to Oroville. We had to arrange to have the truck dropped at Benkins Moving Company in Spokane, pay men to unload and reload a completely packed 28′ truck to drive up to our home in Oroville at another $2,000. It’s just been a hard week. No more moving for us until we are good and old!

A Time of Closing

Two nights ago I started to miscarry. Ten hours later I was still expelling too much blood and too often. I went in to emergency and seven hours later they did a D&C. I am so happy they did. The ultrasound tech said the lining of my uterus was still very thick, though they could not see the baby in there anymore. They put me to sleep, I woke up refreshed and alert. I will go this way again.

I don’t know why but I don’t have any grief with this baby. I just have peace and rest. It is so contrary to my first miscarriage where the pain was so deep. I believe the Lord has bestowed His peace on me. I’m hoping to stay in this place and to actually not have to grieve. Even when they put me in Labor and Delivery to recover with all the pretty baby pictures, it did not make me sad. Thank you all for your prayers, I believe they helped.

: )

We lost our baby…

We lost another little baby. I am just waiting for my miscarriage to start at home now. I was 11 weeks on Thursday. I went in today for an ultrasound because I was spotting and cramping yesterday. I really thought I would see either twins again or an 11 week old baby with a strong heartbeat. But, I had lost the baby back around 6 weeks or so. I asked the ultrasound tech why my pregnancy tests still come back red and why I am still nauseated. She shared that it’s because I’m still pregnant. I guess you can be pregnant and not have a live baby and have all the symptoms. Pregnancy always meant a “live” baby to me. So, I am sad today, my head is in a fog and I know what is coming in the next few days to week or two. I wish I was in our home, it’s hard to go through things like this in  an apartment. I’m sad today… I really want another boy. Maybe one more… but I’ll be 44 then. Thanks for your prayers, I could use them today.