The Amish


A pretty picture of the Amish riding their buggy past our home yesterday. It was just starting to snow and it was a freezing, brisk wind. They were going at a pretty good pace.

Homemade Lollipops

I saw these lollipop molds at JoAnn Fabrics a few weeks ago and thought it would be fun to make some yummy lollipops for the kids. I made them out of the same recipe as the homemade toffee butter crunch. DSC_0074_2



The finished product.

Winter Weather




Ice on our living room window.


I took this picture of an icicle outside of our back porch a couple of weeks ago. Today we have about 4 inches of new snow. Our kids are not quite like I was though, they would rather stay inside and play rather than play out in the snow with their sleds.

Sleeping Babies…



I have started putting the twins on the floor more so lately. I looked over one morning and found them fast asleep. We have radiant heat on our floor so they probably liked the nice warmth on their bellies.

Real Chicken Broth

Daddy had to cull our hens because they are getting too old. This is how chicken broth is supposed to look like (though ours is frozen here). Now you know why they put the little “golden nugget” of chicken fat in the processed chicken soup packets. They are trying to mimic what we knew as the rich, golden color of chicken fat.