I never thought I would get into herbs. I have never been an “earthy” type of woman. But, when I was pregnant with Miriam, I started to take a tincture each day to help with labor (though I quit taking it because I was nervous as I was unfamiliar with herbs then). I received a booklet that accompanied the tincture and it opened the door to me on the world of using herbs. DSC_0155DSC_0141

Dried Licorice Root – Excellent tonic for sore throats, viruses, building up strength after childbirth, and so much more. This is one of my favorite herbs. 

Our daily tea blend. Hawthorne berries and flowers (excellent for heart and palpitations, blood pressure. Recommended for all over the age of 50), clover, nettle, alfalfa, licorice, dandelion root and dandelion leaf, astragalus and probably a few others I can’t think of because I’m tired.  : ) 

Astragalus Bark – An excellent adaptogen. It builds up the immune system strong and steady over time. Many people just throw some into a soup broth to add health benefits to their soup. I found out about this through a book we have called, “Herbal Antibiotics”. 


Himalayan salt. Not an herb, but good healthy salt with all the 80+ minerals that are found in the human body. It doesn’t make you feel dehydrated or thirsty like regular, white salt. It actually nourishes your body. We use it with everything now… I made the best guacamole the other day with just avocado, olive oil and sea salt. My husband and I couldn’t believe the taste. I also love this salt in homemade chicken broth. 

One of my tinctures of echinacea that I made a while back. 
DSC_0105Here is the echinacea sitting with the alcohol in it.


It only takes 6 weeks to let a tincture sit and then it is ready. It is so much cheaper and fresher to make your own. I know it must sound foreign to some people but it really is simple.

Homemade Freezer Jam



With the price of jam these days and all the corn syrup within it, I decided to make my own. I buy a ten pound box of frozen blackberries from Azure Standard for only $20. I then make it into freezer jam by adding some sugar, stevia and the freezer pectin. I don’t care to can the traditional was as I believe it destroys a lot of the healthy enzymes and nutrients.

Pretty Little Bonnets…

I bought these pretty bonnets last Summer as they looked pretty and fun. Occasionally, the girls like to put their bonnets on. Hannah is being kind and letting Leah wear hers.


Here’s Elisabeth. She wanted her picture taken with her bonnet on. 

Little Leah

Silly Leah
DSC_0011DSC_0006Pretty girl