Here are a bunch of pictures from the past 2-3 months. I didn’t have time to post them in a timely manner with all we went through with Matthew’s gall bladder attacks. 280278

Sleeping babies…. who is who?


Matthew’s 4th birthday last month. I made him some brownies…


Still his birthday…  Playing outside and rolling down the hill.


Having fun


Eating the chocolate batter from the spatula and sharing with his sister like the good boy that he is.


Hannah with her favorite kitty.


Little Leah just looking pretty…


This is what kids do when you don’t have a television in the home.


Hannah being a sleepyhead.


The girls received some dresses from the neighbors here… Some of the pictures of the girls are with them wearing them. They love their new dresses.


A closeup shot of our lavender.


Our neighbor has a landscaping business… Daddy has them drop off their leaves here on his garden to enrich and build up the soil for next year. The kids love playing in the leaves after they drop of a load.


Just a pretty day. It sure is pretty when it’s green.


Little Hanni with another kitty.



My first attempt at popovers. They are so good. Daddy loved them.


A new plate. I decided to buy a plate or two each month at an antique store that we could use for our dinner dishes from now on. It makes it kind of pretty and fun.


Harvesting soybeans right across the street from us.


Rosehips we picked from our rose bushes. Here I am drying them out to put in tea.



My daughter Stephanie came to visit us from Washington and arrived while Matthew was in the hospital. We managed to make only about 2 things out of 10+ things I wanted to make with her due to the unexpected and long hospital stay. But, we had lots of fun anyways. She had fun experimenting with all my herbs and made lots and lots of tea. We went to the Cheese Factory and a couple of Amish stores and just had fun chatting off and on. She has become a pro at being able to tell which twin is which. But, we’ll see next time she’s out here…   : )  017

Matthew is Home

Matthew had surgery last Tuesday and came home on Wednesday. He’s recovering quite nicely now. He even got out to enjoy cleaning up after the cows and chickens today as it was 70 degrees today. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.