Here are a whole bunch of pictures of you Matthew (Chops).  : )  You’re still only 3 years old here, but next month is your birthday. 

Cute, little boy sitting in a chair.

You look so nice.  : )  Maybe, that’s because you are.

I’ve never seen this look on his face before. Maybe it’s because his sister is around.  ; )

Dirty, little face. Maybe from playing with kitties and baby cows all day long.

I think he’s gazing at the new calf here.

I like this picture of you here. You are already taking big manly strides.  : )

Just a little boy still.

The New Baby Calf

We had a new baby calf (a heifer) that was born a little over a week ago. Daddy is happy because we will be able to have another good supply of milk in a couple of years. The kids are happy because she’s so sweet. 

Matthew looking quite noble with his board. Hannah as you see, can’t contain her excitement.

Beautiful little calf. Remember, I don’t set up pictures too often…. Elisabeth got outside before I got her to get dressed or groomed all the way.  : )

Hannah is the lover of the animals.

She has a cute, little mouth. You should see her when daddy gives her her bottle every morning and every evening. She looks adorable sucking on it with those great, big deer eyes.

Daddy is halter training her here.

She looks so peaceful here. We named her Mary.

She’s loved. Look at her pretty eyelashes here. I got my first good DSLR camera last week. I love the details it brings out. 

Happy Daddy

A kids life on the farm.

Hannah and the Baby Calf


Here’s a preview of what I will be uploading next. It is getting late, so I will save the best for tomorrow or as soon as I am able to get a few moments. The calf is being halter trained and the girls got to lead her around today. Matthew milks her momma twice a day and then feeds her with the bottle twice a day. I’ll have to get some pictures of the kids feeding the calf.

We’re into Milk Again…


Our cow just gave birth to a heifer (daddy’s really happy about this), so we are into fresh milk again. It is shocking to see the difference in color again. Grass fed milk on the left and grain fed, feed lot, bleach and chalk added on the right. If you are not familiar with this, please read “The Untold Story of Milk”. It is an excellent book.



Here are some recent pictures of Matthew. He’s in need of a haircut. Daddy still cuts his hair. 

Silly, little expression…

I think you look a little like me here.

Matthew and Leah – Almost four and almost three.