New Theme

I am going through various themes on this website so that our “older” pictures will display on here from the old blog. Don’t mind the different appearances as I wade through this. My whole intent for a blog was for our family to enjoy so we could capture new pictures and reminisce over old memories.

Our Twins Are Home

Here is what we saw after I walked in the door. The kids all gathered around… all seven of them. : )

 Here’s Anna. They are still wearing their hospital clothes, blankets, etc…

Here’s Tabitha

Tabitha and Anna. I tell them apart by what they wear right now. Though I could tell them apart as Tabitha is just a wee tinier than Anna and has a paler face and a little more delicate looking too.

I love how they look together.

Daddy holding Tabitha

Mommy and her babies. I can’t help but look at them and think that they were inside me so recently. I’m still not close to my due date of September 7th.

Sister Elisabeth feeding Tabitha

Sister Hannah wanted to feed Anna too!

The Twins 1 Week Ago

Our twins are home now so I thought I would do some catch up before posting the homecoming pictures. These are from 1 week ago on Saturday.

Here’s Anna who had the heart troubles. Her heart is just fine but I couldn’t imagine being so close to losing this sweet thing!

 Here’s Tabitha, the littler one. She is now nearly 5 lbs and her sister is under 5 1/2 lbs so she is catching up. They are looking closer to identical twins now. See how skinny her arm is compared to my finger.

Daddy caught me finishing up crying. I had just sat down with Tabitha and the tears poured. I still had a little pain medication in me so I do look a little dopey too.


Today is Thursday and they were supposed to come home today. However, they are not maintaining their body temperatures well enough on their own and are having trouble keeping their milk down, so Tabitha lost a little weight. Maybe over the weekend sometime they can come home. I’m sure it will be soon.  In the meantime, I feel feverish and achy as I usually do after a c-section so maybe it’s a good thing to get some extra rest and sleep for now. But, I sure can’t wait to hold them close and help keep them warm.  : ) I will be visiting them this afternoon or early evening. I can’t wait. I do have more pictures from last Saturday when the whole family went to see them. I will post them soon.