Thirty Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Well, here we go. I’m 30 weeks pregnant with the twin girls and so excited to meet them! As you see by the picture, it looks like I’m at term with a singleton. It feels like it! I don’t quite know what to expect in how I will feel or function over the next couple of months. I’m  just now starting to slow down and get sleepy, I believe it’s because I’m on Glyburide for the gestational diabetes so I don’t have as much sugar in my blood. I think I had lots of energy with the extra sugar coursing through my blood each day. I almost didn’t need a nap. Where as today I slept almost 2 hours and over slept this morning.  : )  If I make it to 35/36 weeks, I’ll try to get another picture. Or at least one on the day I’m going in to the hospital as I would like to remember this. I know it will be over with so quick now. The little stinkers are both breech at this point, though one is a bit transverse on top (Tabitha). I’m praying that Anna will turn around so I can push her out rather than having her cut out. Ouch!  It’s been pretty easy for a twin pregnancy, I would do this again.  I love that we are having twins. I prayed about this many times. I believe only the Lord could have put the desire in our hearts and brought it forth through prayer.