Our Twins are Here and We Almost Lost Them

On Tuesday July 24th, I went in for a Non Stress Test (NST) where they hook the monitors up to my belly to see how the babies heart rates fare with their movements to see if they are in any distress.  We found that one of them was. Now let me go back just a week or so to see the hand of God: I was so laden down with appointments this past month since finding out I had Gestational Diabetes. They had me come in to see a Nutritionalist, to see a nurse on how to use the blood glucose kit, my regular appointments, the many ultrasounds to check for twin to twin transfusion… Matthew had appointments for his foot as well. I was just tired of the appointments and felt that my plate was full at the end of my pregnancy. So, when they shared that they wanted me in for weekly NST’s starting at 32 weeks, I just knew I couldn’t do it. I did go to one appointment and cried because it was when I take my much needed nap and I was completely tired and burned out from appointments. I shared with the nurse that I would not be returning because we didn’t have the time with the 5 other children at home. Matthew and I felt that the babies were in the hands of God anyways and what if one perished 2 days after an appointment – how do you stop that? Then the extra finances on top of it. We were firm in our decision. Until I went up to my daily prayer with the Lord one day.

Matthew and I take some time with the Lord each morning. During my time with the Lord one morning I felt the Lord put on me a question to ask myself and my husband. “Would you regret not going to the NST appointments if one of the babies were to perish?” I knew I would have some regret, yes. So, I asked my husband and he answered immediately. We discussed it for a moment and decided it would be best for our family to proceed with the NST tests. Thank God we prayed. I went in for one NST test last week and all was well. The ultrasound showed the babies just fine. In fact, 2 weeks ago the babies weighed 4 lbs 2 ounces and the other 3 pounds and 15 ounces. Everything perfect. I showed up for my NST on Tuesday and she found the heart rates right away. I noticed in a short time though that Anna’s heart rate was elevated and a bit jumpy compared to normal. I wasn’t too concerned but mentioned it. The nurse noted that there was a dip or two that they would keep an eye on. She walked away and about 10 minutes later the baby’s heart rate plunged down from 195 or so down to 65. I saw it decelerate with my own eyes and it stayed there for 15 or so seconds. I called for the nurse immediately. The baby’s heart then went up but we had it recorded and I knew something was wrong. She called for a doctor who came in to take a look who called in another doctor. She asked if I had had a steroid shot for their lungs and I shared no. They proceeded to then wheel me to Labor and Delivery to monitor the babies further. I called my husband and he shared that I could be coming home in an hour or 3 days later after a delivery. We both knew this to be true. At Labor and Delivery they saw the steady heart rate that was accelerated in the 190’s and saw the dips once in a while. They did an ultrasound and did not see the cord compressed in any manner but felt it was time to deliver the babies. They prepped me up and tried to comfort me while I was shaking with fear for the babies and myself and I called my husband again. He headed to the hospital after dropping our kids off at our wonderful neighbors and they took me in to the surgery room and put me under a general anesthesia at my request.

Both babies were born at 5:18 and 5:19 that evening. Anna, the distressed one actually weighed the most at 4 lbs, 15 oz, while Tabitha weighed only 3 lbs, 11 0z . They do not know why Anna was in distress and we are all surprised at their weight differences. Remember, just 10 days before they were both about 4 lbs each. Tabitha lost weight in the womb and had a skinny cord while Anna had a much thicker cord. My doctor suspects that they developed Twin to Twin Transfusion at the end. They are both in NICU right now and  may be there for several weeks. I cried before coming home today because it’s very hard to come home without your babies. They are both healthy though and don’t require oxygen. We have both held the babies and they seem very relaxed and cozy in their warm environment. They don’t look identical as of yet because of the weight difference. But, we are so grateful that just that little bit of prayer each day meant the difference between life and death for one or both of them. Only prayer can bring one on top of one’s emotions to the things that only God knows. I will try to post some pictures of them tomorrow. They are so sweet and we can’t wait to have them home.

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  1. Tom and I just read your post. We are so thankful the babies have entered this world and we stand with you in prayer asking God to continue healing your baby girls! We pray also that God gives you strength and resolve during this stressful time. We know He is holding your whole family in His loving arms and He will bring you all together soon! Tom has been with his mother in central Illinois because she fell. He’s back home for now but no doubt will be making many trips back home. Let us keep one another lifted up in prayer AND praise! Sending you all love!

  2. Praise the Lord that your baby girls are here safe and sound. The Lord had His protecting hand over them both. Look forward to pictures, but please rest and I know you must be at the hospital everyday! Hope the time speeds by until you can bring your sweet bundles home.

  3. Praying for your baby girls Hadassah!! I just emailed you but you don’t need to answer. This blog post answered my questions! Thank you Lord Jesus for watching out for these little ones!!

  4. Congratulations! Welcome to the Mother of Multiples club!! I am a big twin fan (we have two sets). Our first set was born at 33 weeks and I well remember those torn feelings…at home you feel guilty for not being at the hospital, at the hospital you feel guilty for not being at home, and all you want is for the whole family to be together!

    It sounds like your girls are doing beautifully. What big, healthy sizes for so early! Take lots and lots and lots of pictures. I regret that I took so few of mine because they were hooked up to machines, etc., and I didn’t want to remember them looking like that. But now I wish I could show them what God brought them through!

    Congratulations, and may your healing be swift.

    (covenantmama at MOMYS)

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