The Twins

Twenty-two weeks pregnant and I am wondering how I am going to look and feel at 35 weeks! Yikes! I have lots of energy still and am on my feet nearly all day long. I just need help from my husband in getting our baby upstairs in the attic to her crib. Other than that the pregnancy has been really pretty easy physically.

I listen to their heartbeats each night before bed and bought a little wrist blood pressure monitor to take my blood pressure a couple of times a day. The time is going quick now and I know it’s only going to get hard in the coming weeks. I pray they both make it here safely. We are thinking of naming them Anna and Tabitha from the Bible. We’ll try to take another picture at about 35 weeks if we make it that far along.  : )


6 thoughts on “The Twins

  1. I have been reading your blogs forever (from MOMYS), but there have never been a comments section so this is my first comment ever, You look great!!! And you won’t believe how big you can get with twins!! When I was pregnant with my twins, near the end, I was stretched to the max for sure, I look at pictures now and I am in just an awe of my size. Its all a miracle, carrying two babies together is such an amazing blessing and holding both those babies in your arms for the first time is a moment that you will never forget. God’s work is certainly VERY good!!!!!

  2. I too have been reading your blogs for a long time(Momys)! Love following along with your sweet family!

  3. You look lovely! So glad you have been feeling well. Praying for a safe delilvery.
    Hope all is going well as you are settling in. I like that shelf area behind you.

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