Elisabeth could be starting public school on Wednesday, September 7th but she’s not. I want to cry when I even think about the possibility of her leaving our home and attending such an “ungodly institution” as one godly man calls it. The tears a mother sheds, and the deep ache she feels in her heart when she sends her young child away to this ungodly institution should cause her to seek God as to why it hurts so much. I should have gone to the Lord about this in 1993 with my oldest daughter when I sent her away but I didn’t. This institution destroyed her image of God, life and me her mother who still yearns so much for her. A woman should not put so much of herself in her baby and young child to send him or her to have it all destroyed and undone. There is a natural God given cleaving to the child and the child to the mother and father at such a young and vulnerable age. I will not so much as consider giving our child over to the wolves to devour the precious life. We will be praying and having a day of celebration and thankfulness on September 7th as we will be keeping our daughter home and will be schooling her ourselves. My tears will run down my face as I think of what could have been. My heart will be full of gratitude and joy that I may see her prosper in the Lord and life over the years, rather than have it turn to ruin and destruction. I love you dear Elisabeth. You are a light to our home. I thank the Lord that He has made my latter end greater than the former as Job. Thank You Lord, You are merciful.