Our Beautiful Garden

My husband had only been gardening/farming for three years now but he sure is getting it down. This was going to be the year that we would either get corn and plant again next year or throw in the towel and quit trying with the corn all together. So far it looks like it is going to be knee high by 4th of July. It is awfully close right now. If we continue to get a few sunny, warm days like yesterday when he took these pictures, maybe it’ll even be past the knees. I love my husband’s efforts and the joy he has in his work. Already he is bringing fresh salad greens and mustard greens up the hill. I so much appreciate the wholesome way of eating that the Lord showed us last year.

Those are cantaloupes growing bountifully underneath the plastic over there.

Strawberries – We’ll have to get a picture when they turn red. I believe he’ll be pulling the plastic sheeting off fairly soon. We eat frozen strawberries from Azure in our yogurt shakes almost daily. It will be a real treat to eat them from our own farm.

Daddy’s new hothouse. The only problem with it is it isn’t big enough. He’ll be expanding it next year.
Tomatoes in the hothouse. He did such a good job in building this little thing. So far it looks like it is really going to give us a harvest this year. Most of the corn, brussel sprouts, watermelon, green peppers and more that are out in the field are transplants from this hothouse.

Beautiful little tomatoes

More salad mix ready to go out to the field or up the hill to mom. Red romaine is delicious. See it in the background?

Such a gorgeous day. We get so few around here, even during the Summer.

Brussel sprouts

Mustard Greens
They are fiery hot but Hannah eats them up like crazy.

Red Romaine Lettuce

Lettuce, cabbage, brussel sprouts and mustard greens
There’s an abundance of potatoes and onions in this area here before the lettuce and other vegetables.
My little salad – complete with goat cheese, olive oil and raw apple cider vinegar for the dressing. It doesn’t need much.

Home Depot

Daddy took the kids to Home Depot one Saturday to pick up more wood for their tree house he’s making. They were giving away free kids work aprons and some little wooden kits for making a carry around box. Matthew is so excited with his new things.