The Kids

Here are some recent pictures of you kids.

Matthew with your pretty green eyes

Pretty Hannah

Silly boy

Pretty baby Leah

Hi Elisabeth

Oh, I like this picture of you Leah

Playing while we were doing the floor in the kitchen one day.
Ah, it looks like Mommy didn’t put a shirt on you here Chops.

You Little Ting…


We had a really good snow storm a few weeks ago. We took some pictures of the snow on our property.

Behind the house

View from behind the home

Towards the ocean

Matthew took these of some geese on our field down below our home

The barn

Daddy will be planting corn here pretty soon… it’s hard to believe looking at all this snow.

Our New/Old Wood Floor

Last year I got the urge to pull up the carpet in our living room to expose the original, beautiful hardwood flooring. We couldn’t stop short of finishing off our downstairs in the kitchen. Here is our progress…

My poor husband had the bulk of the work. He had to pull up four layers of linoleum, backing and glue that needed to be sanded down with 36 grit paper. This was done in 2 hour intervals after the kids nap.

You can see one of the layers of linoleum from the 1970’s we’re guessing. See the pretty green and blue? Why would someone want to cover up such a beautiful, wood floor?
After a good sanding, you can see how pretty it’s going to look in it’s final form.

What did the kids do during this time? Why, they played choo-choo train with the kitchen chairs.

More progress…

Nearly finished. We still need to do a fine grit sanding and put down some polyurethane to keep it protected. It was hard work and somewhat inconvenient but very well worth it!