Snow Day

We rarely get any snow here living so close to the ocean. Today was a real treat. Here is Elisabeth showing her snow filled mittens.

Brushing the snow off of the car

Their first snowman. They played for 2 1/2 hours outside this day and had so much fun.

Killing Chickens with Hannah

We let Hannah (3 years old) stay up from her nap today so she could witness daddy killing and butchering some chickens. She’s a little sensitive to some things so we weren’t too sure how she would handle this feat before her. Here, Hannah and Elisabeth witness daddy catching a chicken.

Hannah running with joy and elation after watching the first slaughter. See the chicken upside down in the cone in the background on the fence?

Daddy walking the already bled chicken to the table
Hannah after the second slaughter… maybe having second thoughts?
One of our chickens. See all the fat? This was an old hen… they have much more abundant fat than the roosters. Daddy ended up slaughtering 6 chickens this day.

Here’s a few pictures of our chickens gathering together along the fence.