Our Day on the Bay

Across the street from us is a Bottle Beach State Park. We used to frequent it before it was officially turned into a park. The bridge my husband and kids are walking on wasn’t there until about a year and a half ago. It was like our own private place to go. It is still so quiet and a place of solitude, even in the Summer.

It was 24 degrees outside. We have been shut in so much these past months that when the blue skies revealed themselves we had to make our escape.

As you can see, the bridge had some frost on it still.

Leah just didn’t want to have any part of this. I think she was crying because momma was in front of her and she wanted to be held.

Elisabeth running ahead.

One of the views on the way to the bay.

Cattails I think these are called? Do you know you can actually eat them? We’re not interested.

Our view from a little bridge we’re standing on.

The first shot of the bay

Yes, that is ice… it takes a bit of wind and cold to make ice from ocean, salty water.
The kids walking ahead. You can walk out towards the left for a good half mile or more before you even hit water. Lots of little puddles and shells. We used to walk out there when I was pregnant with just Elisabeth. Matthew used to get sand shrimp and go fishing in the ocean later that day.

From farmer look to fisherman look. You sure look like a handsome fisherman here dear.
I love your new beard. Rrrrrr… and Leah, you look so cute!

Hannah playing in the ice.

Looking oh so cute!

Beautiful day

Oyster shell. These you can find everywhere.

Matthew trying to hold onto his collection of shells and walk at the same time.

Hi Hanni!

See how many shells there are?
Sitting on momma’s lap after I walked her almost all the way back in the sand. She was cold and tired and I felt bad for her. With my early pregnancy I got so tired I took a nap right after lunch. Too much for momma.

Momma and Leah

Elisabeth looking silly. She finally tired and decided to rest in the stroller for a few minutes. What a good day!

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