Our Summer

Here’s a whole gamut of pictures from our Summer here in Ocosta. I’m trying to catch up from August. : )

Okay kids, your daddy took this picture a few weeks ago. You were with him (all four of you), down at the barn and the pasture having fun while mommy had some quiet time.

Here’s a toad. Many, many frogs we spied this year but not too many toads.
Here’s daddy growing a beard. You should see him now! I love it on him.
He sure looks handsome. ; ) I see his pictures without the beard and I keep telling myself that his face looks naked. Isn’t that silly?
Here’s another picture daddy took

And another. Finally, daddy got some bees in his hive after 3 years of waiting. See the honeybee going into the hive? Unfortunately, they didn’t make it. It’s been too cold out and they didn’t build large enough to last. Maybe they will remember to come back next year. We’ll get honey yet…

Okay kids, when you are older I wonder if you are going to remember this? You all went “slug hunting” to get a little snack for the piggies. Yes, you picked them up with your little fingers. Hmm, maybe you’ll still be hunting for slugs later too.

Leah, you look puzzled! A week away from 1 year old. You and Chops (we call Matthew Chops because he used to like to bite), will both be a year old for a few weeks. Wow, two 1 year olds.

Our collards, bib lettuce and another type of lettuce
The collards got quite large. We still have some growing into monstrous size.

Good ole green beans. We can’t get you kids to eat your greens at the table, but by golly all daddy has to do is bring you down to the garden and you eat to no end.

See, you little piggy’s are just feasting now.
Unripe but a pretty picture. Daddy took good pictures today.
Our common little frogs around the property

Our two piggies. They are in our freezer now. We had pork chops tonight.
The sausage is the best!

Matthew kissing/blessing his pumpkin

Our pumpkin patch a couple of months ago

Here’s some pictures of Leah, pretty girl.
I love this picture of you little Leah

Resting on your napping father, Chops.
Yum, yum banana. You are always so cute to me.

Hannah, now it’s your turn.
Big, three year old girl!

You two don’t always play together much because you are always playing with your sister Elisabeth, Hannah. So, I had to catch this rare occasion.

Doing a little school time. We spend a little time each morning coloring and doing flash cards. You are all doing so well with the letters. I think Elisabeth is going to be ready to start reading here pretty soon.

You look so quiet and proper Hannie. But, we all know you are the “bouncy” one to say the least. : ) I love you.

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