Life Was Here – Our Fifth Child

Written 9/30/2010

Our dear child whom we’ll never get to meet while on this earth. We love you so dearly. We miss you greatly. My sorrow is great. Oh how I love you my dear one. My heart yearns for you, for your life still so much but it will never be… here. How much we will wonder who you would have been, how beautiful your face. How much your father wanted to hold you. How much I wanted to nurse you in the quietest time of night. I prayed to have you over moving – ever, if it would’ve kept God from taking you. Our loss is great. Through you the Lord is teaching us how valuable life is and our family. We love you so much my child. You’ll never be forgotten, just deeply missed. I love you.

August 9th (conception date) to September 27th- Nine weeks

 Life was here, your little form was visible to my eye. 

Life was here. I was so excited to see these lines my hands were shaking when I wrote Baby #5. You were our fifth child, a fulfillment of the Lord’s promise to us back in 2006 while I was pregnant with our first. Here you are I thought, and so quick. I miss you so much.

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