A Deeper Life

Update: A couple of months ago we were in the process of trading our home for a home in Greenville Kentucky. We found it very inconvenient to try to locate moving trucks, best route of travel, motels, Title Companies, etc… for this move so we got back on the internet and found life to be a whole lot easier. Unfortunately the couple recently decided to stay in Kentucky for now and we are still just waiting on the Lord to move. In the meantime I miss working on the blog and do enjoy the convenience of my monthly transactions with Azure. I love looking at homes online too so we will be staying online loosely unless we hear a clear Word or pulling from the Lord to do otherwise. : )

We haven’t been online much the past couple of months because the Lord is calling us to a deeper life without the internet. We will be offline starting July 23rd. We are excited about where the Lord is taking us. There is a little fear but great anticipation too in getting back to a deeper and more contemplative and prayerful life. As for not having the blog anymore? I will be making several ongoing scrapbooks with the same pictures, etc… for our children. I will be making recipe books for them as well that will include things such as homemade fermented sauerkraut, sour cream, buttermilk, home ground soft white wheat pancakes, the best homemade ketchup and mustard we’ve ever tasted and so much more. We are just starting out in where the Lord is taking us and growing us. He’s really putting us back to a beautiful place of simplicity and fullness in life that the fleeting, dazzling worldly lures cannot measure up to. So, I’m stepping off this fast train called the internet to walk a bit slower so I can smell the flowers and walk in the cool grass. May the Lord bless you all.