New Changes

Currently we are without a camera for about another week until our new one arrives. It seems that I am missing all the best shots too. : ( Right now we are in the process of looking into buying a milking cow for the family. Please pray that we can so we can make fresh butter, cheese, raw yogurt, sour cream, ice-cream (yum) and more for our family. We are still hoping and praying with anticipation for another pregnancy. Though only a short time has passed since Leah has been born, it is becoming more and more evident through the changes going on in my body that we are coming to the end of our childbearing years.

Some things I would like to share when I get the camera going again: I made some fresh, homemade horseradish the other day. It smelled beautiful, fresh and fragrant while I was grating it. A good strong but not fumes strong like the Chinese hot mustard (until it sits). It is delicious. I mixed it with organic, raw apple cider vinegar and olive oil. We are slowly changing everything over to our new way of eating and enjoying this journey as we continue to learn and grow. We are apprehended by it for the time. Just a few of the books we’ve been reading: Real Food by Nina Planck, The Untold Story of Milk and the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. It has been life changing to say the least. I could blog about all the knowledge I have learned these past 2 months but would rather let the knowledge in these books turn you to the truth about eating real food. They are much more knowledgeable and convincing than me. : ) Some other good things… we received about a half a gallon of homemade vodka from a fellow who gives us fish (about 40 lbs of fresh ocean fish in our freezer right now) for fresh, live chickens from our farm. I am going to make some homemade vanilla with it. I am waiting for the camera to share on this blog. Today a man drove up and asked for some roosters. Matthew found that he just wanted them for the feathers for fishing. He shared with the man that he would be glad to give him the skins after he butchers some today. He was elated and shared that he owns a crab boat and will be back when the boat comes in next week with some fresh crab. He came back and dropped off some albacore and salmon. I can’t believe how the Lord is working, how He is bringing people to trade chickens for fresh fish. What more could you want for your family? Wow, we are just besides ourselves.

We’re busy from sun up to sun down these days but it’s a good busy. The strawberries are just starting to turn color, we’re already eating some of our spinach and arugula with our lunches and all the other vegetables are on their way. Our rototiller quit working last week and is in the shop but things are still moving along. Before we know it we’ll be picking, washing, eating and storing. This is only our second year but I can see many more beautiful things ahead in farming and the community here or wherever the Lord may have us.