I’ve Got Too Much To Do

I’ve Got Too Much To Do

I’ve got research to do and books to read, notes to take and lists to make. I can’t watch tv, I’ve got too much to do!

I’ve got diapers to change and bottles to make, bruises to kiss and milkshakes to make. I can’t watch the newest movies, I’ve got too much to do!

I’ve got wheat to grind and muesli to make, dinner to prepare and homework to create. I can’t watch the news, I’ve got too much to do!

I’ve got hymns to sing and babies to kiss, dances to dance and the door to answer. I can’t listen to the newest music, I’ve got too much to do!

I’ve got gardens to rake, spinach to pick, vegetables to wash and meat to prepare. I can’t go out to dinner, I’ve got too much to do!

I’ve got dresses to make and skirts to fix, shirts to sew and aprons to create. I can’t go to the mall, I’ve got too much to do!

I’ve got soap to be made and chickens to sell, turkeys to slaughter and eggs to gather. I can’t go on vacation, I’ve got too much to do!

I’ve got kids to home school; papers to make, letters for tracing and eggs for counting. I can’t send them to public school, I’ve got too much to do!

I’ve got butter to make and yogurt too, laundry in the machine and more to be folded. I can’t go to the store, I’ve got too much to do!

I’ve got the Bible to read, a recipe or two, a book from the library and a piece of mail too. I can’t read a magazine subscription, I’ve got too much to do!

I’ve got farming to learn and orders to be filled, supplies to reorder and customers to tend to. I can’t go back to college, I’ve got too much to do!

I’ve got kids to wash and hair to cut, nails to trim and ears to clean. I can’t go to the beauty salon, I’ve got too much to do!

I’ve got friends to write and kids to go to bed, toys to pick up and a baby to hold. I can’t go out for a drink, I’ve got too much to do!

I’ve got life to live in fullness and joy. I can’t waste any more away. I’ve got too much to do.

Written by Me : )

New Teeter Totter

I couldn’t help but see a teeter totter for the kids when I saw this stump and piece of lumber sitting out in front of our barn. So, Matthew did a little bit of modification to make it a little safer and here we go…

I’ve tried it too!

Catching Chickens

Daddy takes the girls down to the barn each day to do “chores”. : )

Here’s one of the coops where they are gathering eggs.
Here they are trying to catch one of the chickens

And again…
Looks like Elisabeth caught one!
And another one.

Flying away
Going to get just one more

Life on a farm
Such tough chores

Our Little Leah

Here are some beautiful pictures I took of our little Leah today.

This one is my favorite

She’s found her hand, so the pacifier will start going to the wayside

Looking out the window
Excitedly looking at mama

Hmmm, I wonder who you will be?

Lunch for a King

Lunch has always been my hardest meal to enjoy. I recently started putting out fresh specialty cheeses, homemade bread (this is rye with buckwheat and caraway seeds), salami, canadian bacon, fruits (pears or apples) and vegetables. Good condiments such as a good horseradish from Pike Place Market make it all the better. The best part is the price. I bought these cheeses; brie, goat cheese, a specialty blue, havarti and Muenster cheese for under $2.00 each at the Grocery Outlet. They last us for about 10 days as it doesn’t take much to enjoy. The salami and ham are from there also. It doesn’t take much to eat like a king!

Get Your Baby Chicks Here

Though we sell baby chicks and eggs all year round, there is a busy season during Spring and Summer. Today we put our big sign back up. Here’s our afternoon:

Elisabeth riding down to the barn with me on a bag of chicken feed

Daddy walking the sign to the end of the driveway to put up

Trying to get it just right

See our busy highway? You should see it in the Summer! The ocean is about 6 miles straight.

And here we go… we’re open for business again. This year we are selling baby ducks (as well as some full grown), homemade laundry soap, soap (when we start making it in another month or so) and hopefully some baby turkeys. We’re waiting to see if they will hatch. We’ll be growing all sorts of different vegetables too but don’t quite know yet if we will have enough to put a sign out this year. We are very new at that. I’m wanting to even try to grow our own rye as it doesn’t need to be hulled and it endures the roughest of climates.

A Pretty Apron

I finally finished one of my aprons that I started nearly 2 years ago. Goodness sakes, it’s about time! This was sent as a gift to someone in need. I hope she likes it! Now I have the incentive to continue on. I’m working on finishing up another one now. One I would like to keep, a couple to give away and maybe something to sell. Who knows? I just know I had fun completing it.

My Little Find

I’ve been reading books on baking like crazy lately. I had recently read that you can whip egg whites up the best in a copper bowl. I think a copper bowl is mighty pretty too but am not about to pay full price for one either. So, the other day I was looking in a antique shop and saw this pretty, copper bowl for $10. I put my pears in it when I got home and still have yet to try whipping up the egg whites in it just yet. I may not polish it either as I think it looks pretty neat just as it is.