The Time is Short

I will be 40 next month. I still look and feel so young. However, there are changes going on in my body that each month are indicating that the time is short for bearing children. We saw five children from the Lord before I even had Elisabeth… though we want more as tired as we are sometimes. As hard as it is at times. But, you can’t beat God and you can’t keep your body young forever. I pray that I can be thankful to carry one more child in my womb. Another boy. This time of childbearing, whenever it ends will be too short. I love my children and love my babies. How I will miss holding a baby one day.

Homemade Salsa

My husband made this salsa the other night. It is the best batch he has made. I am a salsa lover so it won’t last long around here! Here are the ingredients he used for canning them:

10 lbs of roma tomatoes
3 jalapenos (with seeds left in). We recommend 4-5 after tasting it.
2 onions chopped
Bunch of cilantro
Mexican oregano
Tablespoon of cumin
5 California chili’s

I boiled the California chili’s on the stove, then pureed them and added to the roma tomatoes. It really enhances the color and flavor without adding heat. I think they use these to make enchilada sauce… if not, I will try them the next time I make enchiladas.

Plain Jayne Soap – Update

Update: If you would like to try Ashley’s soap, here are the prices on her blog:

I bought some soap from a friend in Kansas. She sent me SEVERAL extra bars. It lathers beautifully and lasts just fine. I never thought I would enjoy unscented soap so much. It is coconut oil based and feels so nice and cleans beautifully. I can’t wait to start making soap ourselves. Now I have a standard to compare it to. Thank you again, I love your soap!

If she’s still taking orders for her soap, I will see if I can post more information here. : )

Watching a Slideshow of Our Pictures

I played a slide show of our pictures for the kids the other day. They looked so intrigued.                                                                                       We don’t have a television or watch movies so this was really something to them!

Rye, Barley & Wheat

I measured out some rye (top layer), barley (middle layer) and red wheat to put through the grinder for breakfasts as my alternative to Cream of Wheat which gets polished off too quickly in 2 breakfasts. I thought the layers looked pretty and took a picture.

I am really enjoying experimenting with different whole grains. They are so healthy and satisfying. I tried a recipe this morning from this wonderful instructive cookbook: “A Cook’s Guide to Grains.”

Finnish Oven Porridge

1/2 cup semi-pearled or pot barley (I used hulled barley, it is the healthiest)
3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup water
1/4 tsp salt
a little butter and sugar, to serve
serves 2-3

Combine ingredients and cook in oven for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

I put a little vanilla sugar on my porridge this morning. It was wonderful!

Multicolored Popcorn

This is Organic, Multicolored Popcorn. I think it looks pretty in my canning jar and the kids love it. I remember when I was a child that popcorn was made on the stove. Since microwaves have come out I haven’t had good old fashioned popcorn in years. Now I can’t go back to the stuff in the bag and my children won’t know any different. They love listening and watching it pop, pop, pop. A little butter and salt and we’re set for our 10:30 snack!

This popcorn produces both white and yellow popcorn. See the dark fibrous part in the kernel. It looks burnt but it is just black kernel.

Hannah enjoying her popcorn


Matthew – our little chomps!