It’s Baby Leah…

Here’s our pretty, baby Leah. She is truly a doll. She melts right into me when I hold her more than any of my babies did. And she’s so easy! Why’s she so easy? Because she sleeps all day!

Oh Leah, you are 2 months old already. Your daddy just turned 50 yesterday and I will be 40 in a matter of a few months. We know that you may be one of our last children and though our desires are to keep having children we know the Lord will close my womb one day soon. Our bodies are tired and our backs ache but we love you and the others dearly. I will miss you too as a baby in my quiet place one day. Therefore I better get off this post so I can hold you and kiss you again sweet one. There’s not much time left….

Leah’s First Smiles

Oh, how I wish this picture would have turned out clear and in good color from our camera but it did not. This is the best I could do with it but at least it captures her pretty little smile and eyes.

Here’s a happy baby! It looks like she’s smiling at one of her sisters. I love this little, pink outfit. Hannah wore this just a couple of years ago. It makes me a little sad when I pull out another outfit that Hannah wore. She’s just not so little anymore. But, I have my precious Leah now to enjoy for a time as a baby. : )

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Pumpkin Pie – Not Canned

A woman I used to work with suggested “Sweet Pumpkins” to grow for canning or using for pie. We didn’t grow these sweet pumpkins this year but sure do plan on it next year. I got these for .19/lb recently and decided to give this recipe a try:
It turned out beautiful and delicious. By the way, did you know that canned pumpkin is a combination of squash? I believe it doesn’t even have pumpkin in it!

The sweet pumpkins steamed and ready for processing.

Here’s all of the ingredients mixed together.

The finished product. Of course we finished it off with homemade whipped cream.

Homemade Tamales – the real thing

Wrapped in banana leaves

We sold some of our roosters to a fellow the other day. He called us up one night to share with us that his wife made some homemade tamales with the meat from the roosters and he wanted to bring them by. They were so scrumptious that we decided we best eat the meat of our own roosters and quit selling them. Anyways, these tamales were wrapped in banana leaves. I will have to ask my husband where they originate. Here’s a couple of pictures of the tamales. Oh, I wish I had a pan of them now. My mouth is watering….