Pictures of a Beautiful Day

Oops, here are some pictures I had on a draft for this blog from November 28th. Well, my mind isn’t all there yet as Leah was only 1 month old that day. We’re still having our spree of clear days but my is it bringing some cold weather… some nights 17 degrees.

Here’s a big, beautiful tree outside of our kitchen window. It stands majestic like on top of our hill overlooking the highway and pasture down below.

Here’s a shot from me standing next to the tree.

Here is another shot. This view is towards the ocean only a few miles away.

Here’s our back pasture on the other side of the house and down the hill. My husband will be planting a lot of vegetables back here next Spring. I can’t wait!

Here’s our walk up the driveway. I love walking on our property for exercise. Nothing beats being at home.

I thought this was a pretty Fall/Winter picture.

We have severe wind storms out here. A contracted maintenence crew has been cutting trees like crazy along the highway so as to avoid downed power lines. We were able to receive some of the shavings for free. This will all go out to the pasture to amend the soil. We have some in the barn being used for bedding for our chickens.

Part of our chicken pen

Here’s our barn

Mushrooms Everywhere

Today was a day we do not see much around here… sunny and clear. I went outside for a while, picked up some branches from our recent storms and spied some beautiful mushrooms. I ran in the house to get my camera and take some pictures.

Here is a mushroom my husband carved out of wood from a tree years ago before we met. I thought it would do well right by our front porch.

We live about 7 minutes from the ocean. It’s very cold and wet around here. This is a patch of grass up by our home. Look at all the moss. We even have moss growing on trees around here… strings of it. It’s kind of pretty though.

Here’s the start of many different pictures I took of the variety of mushrooms around our yard today. I wish I knew if any of them were edible.

This one reminded me of a toad.

I think this one is really pretty.

Another favorite of mine.

And yet another favorite.

Thanksgiving Day 2009

We started raising turkeys last year… three of them. We bought fifteen since then and have butchered some, given some away and still have a few left for hopefully reproducing.

Here’s a picture I took a few weeks ago. Our turkeys escaped their pen and made their way up to our home.

Yesterday my husband picked out one of the three big toms we had left. You’re Thanksgiving dinner you big guy!

He weighed 35 lbs dressed. He’s cooking now as I write and smelling delicious~!

Homemade dressing! And I mean homemade. I made a loaf of bread the other day, cubed up and left out to dry. This morning I added celery, onion, sage, chicken broth, fresh ground pepper, lots of butter and a splash of worstershire sauce. I still have yet to cook it. It smells delicious already.

Here’s our big guy. It’s not done yet but I had to take a picture after basting it.

Now for the important part. Thanksgiving. Our family. Our God. What He has provided. Here’s our fourth child little Leah. We’ve had a new baby every Thanksgiving for four Thanksgivings in a row now. It is beautiful.

Here’s Elisabeth. She’s spending her nap time with momma today coloring. It’s a special day for her. The other kids are still napping and it’s so quiet in here today, I love it. The turkey smells delicious and I’m thankful, actually grateful for what we have. I’m grateful that I know the Lord and that through the Lord I met my husband. Nobody could be as compatible as we are for each other in all the important areas. We couldn’t have met other than through the Lord. And of course these children and lives wouldn’t be here either if not for the Lord. There were just two of us on Thanksgiving in 2005. Now there are six of us in 2009. I hope to live another 50 years. It’s hard to see that these little lives will be here possibly another 75 years. We try hard to raise them up right. It’s very hard right now but we are getting better.

Here’s the finished product. He’s a big boy all right! Made a fantastic gravy.

Here we are ready to devour our meal. Daddy is taking the picture.

Here’s my husband included as well. He loved the gravy so much he had two servings of it.

Yam Pie. I had the pumpkin in my hands at the store the other day and went to put the evaporated milk back, I thought I could do better with cream or half and half. Well, I had put the pumpkin back. I looked up a recipe for pie made with yams and found one on It sounded delicious, I had all the ingredients and I thought I would give it a try. It turned out beautiful. The color is magnificent on this pie and it was delicious. I did still kind of miss my pumpkin pie but I may experiment with a mix of the two next year. We will be growing some sweet pumpkins this next year so I’m sure it will be a hit. And of course I didn’t forget the whipping cream on this. : )

Our Storm

Right now I am sitting here without any power. However, we have gotten smart and we’re running a generator so I can do some blogging about a storm we had just the other night. This wasn’t quite like the storm and winds we had on December 2-3 2007 with winds up to 120 mph but we did have wind gusts 90+ mph the other night. And momma gets scared with winds like that.

Here is a picture of a broken tree (as I share with my kids) across the highway from us. This is a close up shot. You can see the winds took the top right off!

So, here I sit waiting for the power to come back on and getting ready to go to bed too. I hope it comes back on before my beddy-bye time! 🙂

Just Who is This Little Miss Leah???

Leah is one of our prettiest babies yet! Here are some pictures from 0-3 weeks old. The first couple of pictures which are my favorite are blurry. : ( I will try to see if someone an fix them for me and I will re-post the pictures.

At nearly 2 weeks her eyes really started opening.
Isn’t she pretty?

She has very long, pretty and delicate fingers.

I like this picture. I often wonder who she will be and what she will look like next year.

Sleepy pictures…

Little squish face!

This was taken this morning. Mouth open wide!

Elisabeth and Baby Leah

These pictures were taken of Elisabeth and Leah within a couple of weeks of her coming home. They are just priceless.

Elisabeth is so excited to be holding Leah. She cried when I had to take her away after a while.

Elisabeth still looks like such a baby here herself.

Such a pretty picture. Matthew heard from the Lord after Elisabeth was born that she would bear many children. I see her nurturing side come out many a times and think about that.

Matthew at One Year Old

My how this year has gone quickly. Never would I have thought that I would have been pregnant twice and borne two children within one year. Here are some pictures of our little Matthew.
You can see he isn’t too little here. I had trouble feeding him a bottle in later pregnancy. You can see why. I’m just starting to feed him again now that I’m recovering from my c-section.

You big boy. I can’t believe you fit in momma’s belly a year ago!

This picture I took this morning. November 17th. His birthday was on November 14th. It was a glorious day, labor and birth I will never forget. I walked around in the sun for 4 hours near the hospital to make sure I was in labor. I kept talking to my husband on the phone to let him know about the progress. I was so excited! He called for childcare and came to meet me at the hospital when I was 5cm and getting some good pain. He was so big when he was born, we couldn’t help but be proud of our boy.

Here’s our little softie. I always shared with Matthew that our son would probably be the most “wump womp”, even more than the girls. And he is! But, I love his tender heart. Now I know why some are “momma’s boy”. Though I will let him become a man too one day. : ) You’ll find me praying and filled with worry when Matthew teaches our son how to cut wood or chop the head off of a turkey.

Standing but not walking yet. I’m in no hurry.

Matthew sitting quietly. I love this picture.

Birthday boy and his cupcake.
I made homemade vanilla cupcakes with our blackberry preserves with a dollop of homemade whipping cream. Yum!

He’s having fun with his cupcake.

More fun!

Just look at that mischievious expression on his face!

Matthew didn’t eat much of his birthday cupcake but he sure did have fun with it! I guess that’s all that matters. : ) Happy birthday my son. I love you so very much.

Here he is with his momma not too many weeks after his birth. I miss his first year already dearly. It went too quick. I shed a lot of tears this past week. A lot. Of all the children I didn’t want him to get any older. I wish I could keep him between 4 and 7 months old for life. I’d tote him with me everywhere and he’d be such a joy to me. But, I guess God intends for our little ones to grow up. I pray I can savor their babyhood and childhood moment by moment so much more. It seems the moments get lost in dishes, diapers and daily work. I’m far from it and far from where I want to be there. It is hard having lots of little ones. Please pray that we continue to mature that we can look back and know that we have done well and more so be pleasing to the Lord.

Our Little Leah

First for the pictures… : )

Here she is still at the hospital. Born October 28th at 1:09pm. Weight: 6lbs 14oz, Height: 20″. She is really tiny.

Mommy and baby Leah.

Our growing family, all six of us. I can’t believe there are six of us already. We now have four children three and under. I would have never thought it possible if someone told me we would have this many children by now.

Marilyn. She was with us with three of the four children. She is a wonderful lady and we hope she’ll be coming to our home for a visit soon. She has her beautiful, black horse next door to us on our neighbor’s property. She just loves her. We love how wonderful she is to see each year when we return for care with another labor and postpartum care. Lovely, lovely lady.

Another picture of Leah. Almost like the first one but a different pose. : ) We think she’s pretty!

Our story: On the morning of October 28th I got out of bed and found I was bleeding again. I had been bleeding throughout this pregnancy and though I had had several ultrasounds, there was no appearance of a separation of the placenta. I went in for my nearly 39 week appointment I had scheduled that morning at 10:00 and had an ultrasound to see if she was head down. I mentioned to the ultrasound technician that I was bleeding again and could she please check the placenta. She quickly found a separation from where my scar was in the front from a c-section in 2006 and called a couple of doctors in for confirmation. They confirmed and shared that I needed to get up to labor and delivery for a c-section right away. She shared that once it starts to separate from the womb, it’s like a cloth tearing… it can tear away pretty quickly and we could lose Leah or I could even possibly die due to blood loss (though rare today). I called my husband and he made arrangements for the children to come to the hospital.

Once in labor and delivery they wanted to get me in the operating room quickly. I discussed with the doctor about the spinal not working in 2006 and how terrified I was about it not working again. I’ve also had two epidurals that didn’t take as well. She talked to the anesthesiologist and when the anesthesiologist came in she immediately shared they would have no problem giving me a general to put me out completely providing the circumstances. The only thing is my husband couldn’t be in the room with me then. I was okay with that as I knew I would see him and Leah when I woke up. I couldn’t believe we were going to see our baby for the first time so soon and this day.

I woke up extremely groggy of course and remember seeing my husband and Leah when they wheeled me to my room. Matthew was holding her and feeding her a bottle. She was so pretty like our other children. She looked and still does look a lot like Hannah to us. Marilyn helped me a lot through the next few days in the hospital and Leah started nursing well. Much of last week is a blur to me as I’ve been on pain medication but I’m recovering very well compared to my c-section in 2006 and we are already getting a little back on our comfortable schedule at home… two weeks earlier than we would have ever expected. Leah is a week old today and we are all loving her. Little Matthew is just starting to come up to her lately and wants to touch her head. Of course he being a boy wants to pat her kind of hard on the head. Elisabeth and Hannah love getting little things for me, her blanket, a towel or anything I forget when I am nursing her. They are doing really well for having a new baby here. I love them all. They are all such a blessing to us. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings forth from finding out who Leah is more and more to looking forward to the excitement of wanting to be pregnant again.

So, welcome to this world little Leah. We hope to provide a good start in life for you. We know things are a little noisier here at the Geraci household than when your earlier siblings were born. But, it’s a good noisy… most of the time. ; )

Baby Leah is Here

Little Leah was born on October 28th, at 1:09pm via c-section. She and her mama are doing great. I had started bleeding again that morning and found through the ultrasound that I did indeed have placenta abruption (separation), so we were happy to go forward and have our baby that morning safely. I will post pictures and a birth story within a few days when I am feeling better. She is beautiful and a doll. All 6lbs 14 oz of her. She is so tiny!