Pictures of a Beautiful Day

Oops, here are some pictures I had on a draft for this blog from November 28th. Well, my mind isn’t all there yet as Leah was only 1 month old that day. We’re still having our spree of clear days but my is it bringing some cold weather… some nights 17 degrees.

Here’s a big, beautiful tree outside of our kitchen window. It stands majestic like on top of our hill overlooking the highway and pasture down below.

Here’s a shot from me standing next to the tree.

Here is another shot. This view is towards the ocean only a few miles away.

Here’s our back pasture on the other side of the house and down the hill. My husband will be planting a lot of vegetables back here next Spring. I can’t wait!

Here’s our walk up the driveway. I love walking on our property for exercise. Nothing beats being at home.

I thought this was a pretty Fall/Winter picture.

We have severe wind storms out here. A contracted maintenence crew has been cutting trees like crazy along the highway so as to avoid downed power lines. We were able to receive some of the shavings for free. This will all go out to the pasture to amend the soil. We have some in the barn being used for bedding for our chickens.

Part of our chicken pen

Here’s our barn

Mushrooms Everywhere

Today was a day we do not see much around here… sunny and clear. I went outside for a while, picked up some branches from our recent storms and spied some beautiful mushrooms. I ran in the house to get my camera and take some pictures.

Here is a mushroom my husband carved out of wood from a tree years ago before we met. I thought it would do well right by our front porch.

We live about 7 minutes from the ocean. It’s very cold and wet around here. This is a patch of grass up by our home. Look at all the moss. We even have moss growing on trees around here… strings of it. It’s kind of pretty though.

Here’s the start of many different pictures I took of the variety of mushrooms around our yard today. I wish I knew if any of them were edible.

This one reminded me of a toad.

I think this one is really pretty.

Another favorite of mine.

And yet another favorite.

Thanksgiving Day 2009

We started raising turkeys last year… three of them. We bought fifteen since then and have butchered some, given some away and still have a few left for hopefully reproducing.

Here’s a picture I took a few weeks ago. Our turkeys escaped their pen and made their way up to our home.

Yesterday my husband picked out one of the three big toms we had left. You’re Thanksgiving dinner you big guy!

He weighed 35 lbs dressed. He’s cooking now as I write and smelling delicious~!

Homemade dressing! And I mean homemade. I made a loaf of bread the other day, cubed up and left out to dry. This morning I added celery, onion, sage, chicken broth, fresh ground pepper, lots of butter and a splash of worstershire sauce. I still have yet to cook it. It smells delicious already.

Here’s our big guy. It’s not done yet but I had to take a picture after basting it.

Now for the important part. Thanksgiving. Our family. Our God. What He has provided. Here’s our fourth child little Leah. We’ve had a new baby every Thanksgiving for four Thanksgivings in a row now. It is beautiful.

Here’s Elisabeth. She’s spending her nap time with momma today coloring. It’s a special day for her. The other kids are still napping and it’s so quiet in here today, I love it. The turkey smells delicious and I’m thankful, actually grateful for what we have. I’m grateful that I know the Lord and that through the Lord I met my husband. Nobody could be as compatible as we are for each other in all the important areas. We couldn’t have met other than through the Lord. And of course these children and lives wouldn’t be here either if not for the Lord. There were just two of us on Thanksgiving in 2005. Now there are six of us in 2009. I hope to live another 50 years. It’s hard to see that these little lives will be here possibly another 75 years. We try hard to raise them up right. It’s very hard right now but we are getting better.

Here’s the finished product. He’s a big boy all right! Made a fantastic gravy.

Here we are ready to devour our meal. Daddy is taking the picture.

Here’s my husband included as well. He loved the gravy so much he had two servings of it.

Yam Pie. I had the pumpkin in my hands at the store the other day and went to put the evaporated milk back, I thought I could do better with cream or half and half. Well, I had put the pumpkin back. I looked up a recipe for pie made with yams and found one on It sounded delicious, I had all the ingredients and I thought I would give it a try. It turned out beautiful. The color is magnificent on this pie and it was delicious. I did still kind of miss my pumpkin pie but I may experiment with a mix of the two next year. We will be growing some sweet pumpkins this next year so I’m sure it will be a hit. And of course I didn’t forget the whipping cream on this. : )

Our Storm

Right now I am sitting here without any power. However, we have gotten smart and we’re running a generator so I can do some blogging about a storm we had just the other night. This wasn’t quite like the storm and winds we had on December 2-3 2007 with winds up to 120 mph but we did have wind gusts 90+ mph the other night. And momma gets scared with winds like that.

Here is a picture of a broken tree (as I share with my kids) across the highway from us. This is a close up shot. You can see the winds took the top right off!

So, here I sit waiting for the power to come back on and getting ready to go to bed too. I hope it comes back on before my beddy-bye time! 🙂

Just Who is This Little Miss Leah???

Leah is one of our prettiest babies yet! Here are some pictures from 0-3 weeks old. The first couple of pictures which are my favorite are blurry. : ( I will try to see if someone an fix them for me and I will re-post the pictures.

At nearly 2 weeks her eyes really started opening.
Isn’t she pretty?

She has very long, pretty and delicate fingers.

I like this picture. I often wonder who she will be and what she will look like next year.

Sleepy pictures…

Little squish face!

This was taken this morning. Mouth open wide!