Here’s our pretty little girl. She has the quietest side but also the most rebellious side (you wouldn’t know it by the pictures). Here’s Elisabeth leaning upon my lap.

I love this picture too… I couldn’t decide so I put them both up. Isn’t she precious here?

Homeschooling has started already! We didn’t plan on it but I guess this is just how God intended. I bought her a Magnadoodle a while back. We started drawing letters of the alphabet. She then started coming to us wanting us to show her more letters… all the time. She now knows all the letters of the alphabet by sight. She can pick them out on our car or a sign and she is starting to draw several letters now too. We’ve always seen her as our smart one. She’s as smart as a whip! Boy, I never knew she’d know the letters of the alphabet before three years of age. Makes us kind of proud! : )

Malachi or Leah?

One week to go and we shall find out if we are having a boy or girl. Now I’m back on the boy side of things again. I do hope we have another boy but won’t mind if it’s a girl too.

Malachi Obadiah Geraci
Leah Hadassah Geraci

Hadassah is the other name for Esther in the Bible – I think it’s pretty

Yogurt Berry Drink

We have a yummy yogurt drink around here quite often. I make 2 quarts of homemade yogurt, put some in the blender and add fresh or our frozen fruit and some milk. Yum! I think this one is made with our cranberries from last year and blackberries from last year’s pick.

Messy face!

What are you doing in here???
Looking so cute I just had to post this one too!
Matthew likes the yogurt drink too.

Daddy and Hanni

I love this picture. I just wish it didn’t turn out red eye. Our little Hannah is nearly two years old. She is the one who is trying to climb on my lap now as I write. She just loves to be held and cannot stand to be away from us (especially her daddy) for a moment. If my husband even walks into the mudroom, she cries and screams like he’s going to be gone forever. She is daddy’s little girl but she loves us all. She’s our little love.

Breakfast Burritos – Yum!

First we make our homemade flour tortillas. They are really quite simple to make. Once you make them you just can’t go back to store bought and they are soooo cheap to make.
For four huge tortillas I mix 1 cup of water and some oil (1/8-1/4 cup) to a few cups of flour (I just keep adding until the consistency is soft but the mixture isn’t sticking to the Kitchen Aid bowl anymore. Shape into four balls and roll out on a floured surface. Place a tortilla into a medium-medium hot pan and cook about 30 seconds or so. Flip over and finish. Ta-Da!

Okay, then I cooked some scrambled eggs, leftover bacon and added cilantro,
chopped green onion and cheddar cheese.

Here’s my husband ready to devour his.

Father’s Day

I came downstairs from taking my shower and this is what I saw. You can’t get more natural than this. The kids haven’t been dressed yet, Elisabeth on the potty and a kitchen to still clean from breakfast. Real life – Real daddy! He reads a lot to the girls. They don’t know what they have and probably won’t til he’s gone one day. He loves his children and can’t wait to have more. He’s a wonderful father and I am truly blessed… we all are.

Three Week Countdown – Boy or Girl???

Oh, I can’t believe it!!! We will find out on July 1st at 9:00 if this little bugger is a boy or girl. I’m kind of hoping for a boy for Matthew to play with but also am hoping a little for a girl again. If we do have a girl, I hope he can be blessed with a brother the following year. Yes, we want more kids! Why stop now??? We’re just having too much fun!