Some Pictures from our Visit to San Diego

On our way to San Diego. I wish the girls always were happy like this on our trip. It was a HARD trip. We felt so bad for the kids when all was said and done.

Hannah all tuckered out!

One of our rest stop stops. I packed salami and cheese for sandwiches, homemade potato salad and brownies and lots more. It was nice to eat some good food at some stops along the way.

Another rest stop stop.
Hannah is looking for a squirrel that kept looking for some handouts from us.

Here we’re finally at Dad and Diz’s home. I’m so glad Matthew got to visit his father in his home rather than a hospital in his last moments. He appeared a lot healthier than we expected him to look. We were really grateful for that. Matthew kept holding his father’s hand sharing how much he loved him. It was really touching. I wanted to cry.

Good picture of father, son, grandson and granddaughter

Daddy and the girls. I made them these pretty skirts to wear at grandma and grandpa’s house. Elisabeth’s was a bit loose on the waist so she kept having to hike it up.

Mama and her girls

Matthew and his father having some quiet conversation

Here Hannah and Elisabeth are playing outside in the warm weather. Something that doesn’t happen too often on the Washington Coast. They had a blast!

Matthew, Diz (their grandma) and the kids.

Hannah playing with the little stones

Matthew sharing his water with our son.
I love the way my husband looks in this picture close up.
Matthew and his brother Nick

Nick Jr. playing tickles with Elisabeth. Nick and Mary have the nicest kids… all about 17-21 years of age. They played, played and played with our kids. They were some of the kindest kids I have ever met… very kind and very considerate.

The Family
Here’s about half of the family that was over that day.
Diz and Debbie made the best homemade enchiladas you could ever tear into. They served two generous portions which really made me feel at home. : )

Grandpa holding Hani (Hannah – we call her Hani a lot). From what I understand, he never held his children or grandchildren so this was a real treat to see.

Nick, dad and Matthew

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