Tilling Our Land to Plant Corn

Okay, I have to cheat here and post this on the family blog while my husband has an appointment in Seattle today. I just can’t possibly wait for him to return and post on our farm blog so here goes… : )

We bought a tiller the other day and my husband has been tilling one of our fields so that we can plant corn in about a month. I’ve always seen us growing corn here and it makes me excited to think that we are about to do it. Here are some pictures. I can’t wait to share some of us planting seed and the corn stalks growing up.

View towards our barn

View from the barn area

My husband

I never thought I’d be married to a farmer. I never thought he’d BE a farmer when I met him. We love it though and know it to be in our nature. We just didn’t know it until we moved here. I believe it’s in everybody’s nature but we’ve all gotten so far away from this type of living that we cannot even comprehend the thought of growing our own food and raising animals for food consumption or work.

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