Chalkboard Planter

I love this simple little planter. Why? Because I can write on it. I think it’s fun and cute!
I bought it for 40% off at Joann Fabrics a few weeks ago.

Looking Like a Boy

Wow, these are the first pictures our son is looking more like a boy than a baby. Yes, I know he’s just a little baby but his maleness is coming out. Just look at his expressions! I think he’s gorgeous. I always share with my husband, “Boy, we have really good looking kids”! It makes you want to kiss them and slobber all over them all the more (though with Matthew’s teething right now I think he’s slobbering a bit more than me).


I love Spring. Here are some pictures around our home.

Some of our eggs we eat and sell.

A fresh basil plant my husband bought me the other day. Now I get to go buy a pretty pot.
One of our many daffodils in our yard. They’re so pretty and cheery!