Our Puppy Doggie

Now Matthew keeps mentioning how he wants another dog one day. But, I can’t help but feel like we have the cutest puppy doggie in the world. I mean, look at him! Isn’t he the cutest???

Cutting Teeth

I like this picture. He just looks so pretty for a boy! He has a little Tylenol on his lip as he cut his first tooth already on that day.

Sewing My Clothes…

Here is a dress I made last month. I love it because I got to pick out the fabric and it was less than $6.00! I took my old, black (I can’t stand to wear black anymore) maternity dress and cut my fabric according to the shape of it. I didn’t even have a pattern. I do this a lot! The top part of the dress I bought for $1 a yard. The bottom part I bought for $2.99 a yard. I have a skirt on of the same fabric as the top that I wear underneath my dress when it is cold out. It is very practical to do it this way. I think I will do this with all of my dresses and the girls. I think all that’s missing is a pretty pocket that I’ll have to make once I’m feeling decent. I love to sew and love to make things to my specifications. And the best part… I just started to sew last May. I have several dresses, aprons I am making to sell (they are to die for), beautiful pillowcases (one out of my pretty dress fabric) and lots more. I will have to start taking and posting more pictures here.

I’m Pregnant Again!!!!

Joy unspeakable! This is how I feel about it! I can’t believe it!

I have been feeling pretty bad lately. Every day I kept sharing with my husband that I felt like something was wrong with me… that maybe I am ill and in need of tests. I knew it was more than exhaustion from having 3 kids but did not suspect that I was pregnant. I haven’t even shown signs in my body since having Matthew that I was fertile yet! Today before I took a shower I decided to “just see” with my dollar store test I had left in the cupboard if I could be pregnant. To my shock, joy and surprise I saw this and couldn’t miss it!!! We have had a really hard time again after having our third child but the spirit in me cannot help but arise in me with joy unspeakable full of thanksgiving that God’s plan is being fulfilled and joy comes in the morning. My day is full, my life is full. This is what life is about. There’s nothing greater. Thank You lord for Your loving kindness and mercies.