A Day at the Beach

One day my husband took our girls to the beach and took these beautiful pictures. I believe he takes much better pictures than I. These pictures turned out so well.

Two girls having fun!

Pretty girl!

Pretty blue eyes

You have to click on this picture to enlarge to see how pretty she is here.

Little giggles!
Pretty, quiet little Hannah.

Matthew Getting Bigger…

These pictures are of Matthew at about 2 – 2 1/2 months old.
I have some more recent pictures I’ll be posting once I get them downloaded.

Isn’t he getting big? He was over 14 lbs at his 2 month check up.
Looking at something…

Yes, he’s our “little pup”. His shirt even says so.

Here’s little Matthew reaching for his little bear. It amazes me how quickly they advance.

You’ll be able to tell in some of the other photos that I like the sleeping baby pictures.
I think a sleeping baby is one of the most beautiful things in life.
Especially if they are yours and they are in your arms.

Big Boy!

Double Stroller

I found this stroller at the Goodwill for $14.99… so now we have two double strollers. Hey, who said we were done having kids???

We have come to “what works for us” with three kids. Each morning Matthew takes an hour or sooutside, in the barn or the garage to get some things done. Then he gives me an hour. He usually takes the girls to the beach or a walk. I put Matthew down during this time and do some sewing. I then start lunch, they arrive home and we all eat lunch together. Only 1 1/2 hours left til their naptime where we have a good 2 1/2 hours. Anyways, this picture is in Westport on one of their walks.