No more room for pictures!

We have no more room for pictures on our computer. So for now we won’t be posting pictures though we have over 100 on our camera to download now. We’ll be buying an external hard drive after February 1st so I can download all of our pictures onto that and start posting new pictures on our blog again. We’ll be getting another computer this summer as well so that will help.

It is hard not to post on here. Our lives have been so blessed with our new son and our daughters advancing in their babyhood/toddlerhood. Elisabeth loves the baby. This morning the baby was crying and she stopped eating her oatmeal, got down from her chair and went to kiss the baby. She is one to not step away from her morning oatmeal for nothing! Hannah is just as charming as ever. She’s so loving, she hardly ever lets us put her down. She’d be held all day if she could.

Matthew is in the process right now of butchering one of our turkeys. He will be butchering two of them today. I took a couple of pictures of him that I’ll be posting in about 3 weeks. We will be buying the White Broad Breasted chicks this spring to raise this year. We want to have some for our freezer and give some away as well to a couple of friends and possibly a ministry in town. The White Broad Breasted turkeys are the ones you find in the store. We don’t think they look like real turkeys but they will look prettier when cleaned and we may sell a few as well.

This year we will be selling our eggs and the items I have sewed. I have made a lot of bibs, some gorgeous aprons, burp cloths and more. The selection of fabrics are becoming more beautiful and I can’t wait to sew, sew, sew so much more. With the new baby I haven’t been able to sew anything new to sell this spring. Oh, I take it back… I sewed a couple of laundry bags. They are beautiful! I can’t wait to take pictures and share.

Anyways, we will be planting some corn this year. We have some blueberry trees that Matthew planted and we’ll be planting some other food as well. We may grow some pumpkins in our front field to sell and feed our chickens. This is all new to us… this farming stuff. Matthew and I have never farmed, raised animals or done anything “farm-life” before. This summer we will have tons to share with you with where the Lord has been leading us. So, be patient with our blog. We have lots to share once we are up and running. God bless you all!