Our Son is Here

Warning… this is a long post. It’s more for us as a keepsake as we don’t want to forget all the beautiful details. Thanks for your patience.

Praise be to our Lord. Little Matthew wasn’t born by c-section as scheduled for Monday. He was born on Friday evening at 7:02pm naturally. He was 9lbs, 10oz.

As I shared on my last post to pray for my husband. Last Sunday as he was vacuuming and praising our Lord, the Lord called him into a fast until our baby would be born vaginally. I am grateful that when he fasts that he fasts on juice or I would have been REALLY worried for him. Anyways, the days kept passing through the week and each day we would wake up with me still pregnant. Matthew was praying for me and I was praying for him. My heart went out to him so much. He kept a cheerful and hopeful disposition about him. I love him so much. Only one day did he wake up feeling down and discouraged.

On Friday morning I woke to go to an appointment at labor and delivery to have a blood draw for my c-section for Monday. I had a few contractions on the way in but didn’t think anything of it as I had been having them for 3+ months. When I arrived they prepped me up for an exam. I thought that was odd but figured it might be part of their procedure so I didn’t question it. The nurse and I chatted away and after a while she found that I was there for a blood draw, not a check for progress on contractions. She shared that she may as well check me and she would try to examine me a little more aggressively to maybe stir things up and “get things going”. Well, sure enough I started having some regularly timed contractions and they were slightly uncomfortable. I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible to get some walking in to keep them going.

I called my husband and shared what was going on and that I felt I needed to take this opportunity to do some walking. He could tell that this was serious and was happy about it. I walked up hills and down hills around the hospital. I then needed a break so decided to drive to the store to pick up some juice for Matthew before heading home. The contractions continued in the store and when I went out to the car I felt I should walk some more before heading home. Matthew and I talked excitedly during that half hour or so walk. The contractions picked up so we decided it would be best to not come home just yet.

I then drove to the library as I had to use the restroom every 15 minutes or so (big baby pressing against my bladder during contractions makes things tough). I walked down to Jack in the Box to get some lunch but their computers were down. I then walked to Safeway on the other side of town to get a sandwich before returning to the car. The contractions kept coming and when I got to the store they were increasing a little more in intensity and were about 3 minutes apart. I was so excited, I was beaming in the store. At the checkout a lady ahead of me asked if I was having twins. I shared that I wasn’t but that I was in early labor and was going to be heading back to the hospital. She was excited for me.

I called Matthew again and shared that I was going to go to the hospital to get checked and I would then call him. Sure enough when I was checked there had been some progress. That morning I had been 50% effaced and now I was 90% effaced. She shared that labor was not going to stop. I was still concerned that things might slow down and stop for me. I called Matthew again and he called our friend Lynn (who has 9 older kids) to come over to watch the girls. He had to drive over in his truck as I had the car.

While I waited, I walked up and down the halls for 20 minute intervals and would then have to be hooked back up for monitoring of me and baby for 20 minutes. By the time my husband arrived sometime after 3:00, the contractions were starting to hurt. I was having to concentrate on breathing and getting through them. He walked in while I was having a contraction and knew this was the real thing. He was so excited.

By 5:00 my contractions were becoming unbearable and were about 2 minutes apart. I was 6 or 7 cm dilated. I decided to have an epidural but knew from past births that they don’t always take for some reason. The anesthesiologist gave it two tries but it still didn’t take so I was on my own with no pain relief. I was then scared as to how I was going to get through this. I had fear of pushing out a 9 – 10 lb baby!

Around 6:45, doctor Kilgore checked me and I was 9 1/2 cm. He told me to push lightly during the next contraction and I went to 10 cm. They got me all ready to push and I asked my husband to say a prayer. He prayed that our son would leave the world he was in (my womb), to enter this world and that he would one day leave this world into the next world, the Kingdom of God.

Pushing was scary. It hurt not having an epidural and it was the last thing I wanted to do. I pushed with each contraction and the doctor encouraged me by sharing that the head was coming down. When he was coming close I couldn’t believe he was going to fit out of me. It just felt impossible. He felt so big. I really didn’t want to try but also wanted him out of me. They told me that his head would be out on the next push and they were right. They suctioned his mouth and nose before pulling him the rest of the way out. Then he shared his shoulder was coming out and then the next one. I was so glad because I was concerned that this would be where he’d be stuck. Then he was out of my body and I could see he was a healthy, big looking baby. I saw and touched him before they took him to the cart to care for him. I was so excited and started sharing how I was so glad to have a newborn again and how fun it was going to be. I realized how much I missed having a little baby again. They are so, so sweet!

And how/who is little Matthew? He reminds me of Elisabeth when she was a baby. He sleeps wonderfully… he sleeps many hours straight and doesn’t stir much at all. His little cry is the sweetest little baby cry I’ve heard. It’s very soft and not demanding. His cry sounds like a boy, it sounds different. He is a champ at eating. He doesn’t startle easy and just seems so content. He also had Elisabeth’s beauty. I can’t capture it so much with a picture but he has beautiful facial features. His hair is almost charcoal black and there’s so much hair! My husband has a lot of black hair on his side of the family. His is actually the lightest of them all. I think once little Matthew has a good bath it will go down a shade. Little Matthew has a wirey, long hair sticking out of his eyebrow just like his father and his eyebrows are identical to his fathers. His eyes are big like mine and Elisabeth’s. I can’t wait to see how beautiful he’s going to be over the upcoming years. I love him so much already. He’s such a blessing to me.

Scheduled C-Section

Last Friday I went to my appointment. We discussed some options such rupturing the membrane bag, but if the baby wouldn’t drop before hand, it would pose the risk of death to our child as the cord could fall beneath and his head could compress it. Today we went to our appointment and he still hasn’t dropped so we are not comfortable with having the bag ruptured. We now have a c-section scheduled for Monday evening. They will call to let us know when. We are hoping and praying that I will go into labor on my own before then.

The good news is our little boy was over 9 lbs last Friday. He’s healthy and thriving and has lots and lots of hair according to the ultrasound.

I’ll post another update before Monday. Please continue with your prayers. Pray for my husband – I’ll share why later after the birth.

We’re Getting Close…

Over the past 3 days I’ve lost the mucous plug to the cervix. Tonight I’m having some contractions. I’m hoping it’s not just an irritated uterus but the real thing. The contractions aren’t close enough to warrant going on in yet but maybe in a few hours. I’d really love to hold little Matthew tonight. November 6th sounds like a good date to me!