Hopeful About Tonight

This morning at 4:00 a.m. I had some “painful” contractions. If the pattern follows as last year, I should be in labor this evening/early morning and have the baby maybe tomorrow! I’m hoping this is the case. As long as it’s after midnight.

The doctor said he doesn’t believe I will make it to my next appointment next Friday. I’m 3 cm and have lost a few pounds. He shared that he sees that a lot right before labor starts. We’ll see….

Come on little Matthew…

Two Days to Go Picture

Well, here’s my last (hopefully last) pregnancy picture. Only two days to go… I’m hoping only 2 hours to go – before labor that is! I really don’t want this little one to be born on October 31st. But, my husband who always has a positive outlook on things shared with me that if he were born on that day, it would replace it with something good for us!

Which Came First The Baby or the Bird???

Our first baby chick was just hatched a few minutes ago. He is so cute!!! But, I was hoping to be wrong and that it would have been little Matthew to hatch first. But, I do have hope! He could be born on the same day as the baby birds. The night is not over yet. I only have 4 days left until my due date. We are both so excited. We can’t wait to see his little face and I can’t wait to hold him to me. I’m hoping to have him before my appointment on Friday. Otherwise, I will update on Friday to share if there’s any progress.

Still no baby…

We have seven days left and still no baby. Nothing progressed out of yesterday but I am content and he will be here soon. I’ll update if there are any other changes.

Baby May Be on the Way…

Today at my appointment it was found I’ve gone from 1.5 cm to nearly 3 cm dilation and 70% effacement. I have been having some of the hurting contractions this morning and now after the exam things should pick up in the next several hours or so. I’m guessing we’ll have the baby here in the next day or two. I think by this evening after I do some walking we’ll be on our way. I’ll either post pictures and a birth story in a few days or give an update tomorrow. Lord be with us. Be with our children.

The neat thing about this morning is that I was going to deposit a check from a settlement regarding a car accident I was in in 2005. We received it yesterday. I was so excited after my appointment that I forgot to deposit the check. After making a stop and seeing the check in my purse, I turned around to go to the bank to deposit it. It just shows me how much value human life is over money and the priority of things. I think it was a neat thing to happen.