Thirty-Nine Days to Go

Well, we have 39 days to go until the due date of our son. I am hoping it will be sooner than that though. I had some contractions last evening from 11:00 until 2:00 or so. They finally subsided and went away.

I am tired today but feeling so content. Life has never been better for me. I am truly blessed. I have such a wonderful husband and children. I have never been happier. I never knew what it was like to be so happy and content and to feel so loved and cherished. I have never prayed so much that the Lord keep me here til old age. I have never prayed so much that He let my husband live another 40 years or so. I’ve never prayed so much for the health and safety for our children. I’m so happy I followed the Lord in everything. I’ve never had a richer life. There’s nothing better than having peace in your heart and being content.

I have some more pictures to share and will upload them soon. After that I may not post anymore pictures until little Matthew is born. I had a test done recently at Labor and Delivery to see if true labor is immanent and it is not. Only a couple of more weeks and it won’t really matter. I hope he comes soon. I can’t wait to see his little face and body and to hear his little cry. I can’t wait for the girls to see him. I hope they do well with the change. I try to explain to Elisabeth that baby Matthew is in my tummy. I don’t think she has a clue! But, she’s only 2 years old so I wouldn’t expect any different.

We have a wonderful neighbor who will watch the kids when we go to the hospital and a couple of backups. Some people have really been a blessing to us here. I hope that we can be a blessing to others here too. We bought an incubator and will be hatching chicks in about 8 days or so. We plan on selling eggs and some of my pretty bibs, burp cloths, aprons, etc… on Saturdays from March or April through September. It will be fun! We both have our things to do and are enjoying them. Life is rich right now. It hasn’t always been so and probably won’t always be. I am holding fast to this beautiful season in my life. I thank the Lord for the beauty of it all.

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