Turkey Dinner Coming Up!!!

I’m so proud of my husband! Our beautiful rooster attacked our turkey and injured it. We waited 2 days for him to heal and he just wasn’t able to move though still very healthy. We knew today the best thing to do for him and for us would be to butcher him. My husband did a fantastic job being his first time. And such a clean job at that. He now sits in our refrigerator we have in our garage for 2 days and then we’ll cook him up! My husband will share the story and pictures shortly. Be warned though… some of the pictures might be a little graphic (not bad), so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Stay tuned for our story shortly.

By the way… the sad thing about the whole situation is that we really came to like our turkey. We came to find out about a month ago that he was a male. His waddler thing came down past his nose and he would arch his neck back and fluff all out. He was really becoming pretty! And he was so very sweet. Matthew would shake the food by our fence and he would come running all funny looking and excited leading the rest of the gang. He had a soft noise he would make and we really enjoyed watching his eagerness about life. He became our favorite. So, we will miss him. I’m glad to see that we can be attached to our animals and yet do what’s necessary too. Makes for a good balance and enjoyment in life.

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