Just Pictures

DSC00008abCutie Pie! DSC00011aWhat is she thinking???

Here’s a variety of pictures of our daughters. Hannah is already up and cruising furniture. She has bonked her head a million and one times. Poor girl! She is only 10 months old, yet she can say guck (duck) and num nums for food. She is smart like her sister. She’s very mindful too. We can tell her no on something and she will crawl away from it with a smile. She loves to please! Elisabeth on the other hand likes to test… from 9 months old believe it or not. We can tell her no on something and believe me, she’s going to go for it again! She’s a little stinker. But, she is so loving too. She loves sitting on our laps all the time and having her back rubbed. We try to comply most of the time as we know this time is short.

Sewing Projects

So far I have made several bibs – you can see Elisabeth wearing the bib. It is toddler size as it covers her down to her lap. I think they are much cuter than what you would buy in the store… one of my big motivations for sewing! They have a pretty, flannel print on the front with a chocolate brown backing I got for $1 a yard. It actually looks really nice! I’ve also made a navy blue, knit maternity skirt. It is so comfy and looks really nice too! Let’s see… a pretty pillow for Elisabeth out of the same ladybug, flannel material for the bibs. An apron for Elisabeth with the same ladybug material. I have yet to do a hemming on her dresses as I got too excited starting other projects. I will be finishing that this week though so she can start wearing them.

My sewing classes did not turn out so good. But I got one good thing out of it… a new sewing machine. The woman who was teaching me to sew had shared with me that they had used sewing machines in good shape and serviced. I thought I’d fare better with one from her than a cheapie one at the store. I trusted her. Well, after a short time I was having trouble stitching. It kept jamming in the bobbin below – all the thread. The stitches weren’t stitching, as well as other problems. I cleaned the machine, adjusted the tension and all I could do (I had read tons of books on sewing and machines from the library). But, none availed. I found the machine to be quite dirty and dusty while cleaning it (contrary to what she had told me). I called her one day and shared I couldn’t make it to class on Wednesday as the machine wasn’t working. She never offered to look at it or trade it in. So, I quit going to class as I don’t like to do business with someone who isn’t right and my husband bought me a new Kenmore at Sears. I absolutely love it and it even has a 1-step buttonhole maker. I haven’t had any problems sewing since!

So, now I am going to have to take more pictures of my completed projects, my new machine and start on some new projects. I think I’ll make a patchwork pin cushion. I can’t wait to get some experience down (I’m thinking a good 2 years) and then start buying some gorgeous fabrics so I can make quilts for our children as well as ourselves.

Helping Already!

After Elisabeth’s several attempts to grab dishes while emptying the dishwasher, we decided to let her help! She does a marvelous job. We grab the knives of course and then she hands us the silverware. She then pulls out the rack and hands us dishes and even the glasses. Mind you, our glasses are actually the Ball canning jars so they are really pretty resilient towards breakage. She then pushes the racks in and shuts the door. Now her sister wants to help. Hey, you can’t turn down good help! Well, we’ll wait another year on that.

Daddy’s Fire Pit

DSC00005ab DSC00010b DSC00015b
A couple of weeks ago around the 4th of July, Matthew decided to build a fire pit. Now this isn’t any ordinary fire pit in which you just dig a hole in the ground. My husband laid brick within on the bottom and sides so tight that you could step on it and it will not move. Then he laid the pretty rock around it – nice, flat rock perfect for the project. Unfortunately, it’s been so windy and cold here in the evenings (and most days) that we have yet to go sit out and enjoy ourselves. We’d love to have a type of rotisserie across it one day for real barbeque! Notice the progress of his work.