Our Ultrasound Appointment



I am just in shock! I can’t believe it. Finally!!! I have wanted a son for 21 years since I first started having children. Well, here he finally is! The Lord has blessed us with a healthy, beautiful son. He’s already 11 ounces and the ultrasound tech shared that he’s big… they are normally around 8 ounces at 19 weeks. He’ll have beautiful, dark brown hair one day with his striking blue eyes (we both have dark hair and blue eyes).

I wanted to make sure we were having a boy so the ultrasound tech showed us “several” pictures of his little penis. You couldn’t miss it! He’s a boy for sure. He was moving around like crazy too. The ultrasound tech kept saying what a little mover he was. I just can’t believe we’re having a boy.

I always wanted a boy but now more so for my husband. He’s 48 years old and could use the help in about 15 years with chopping and stacking wood, working with the animals, etc… I’m so happy for my husband. He’s elated! He can bring him up into the young man he visions him to be one day. A father is invaluable to a son. He will teach him the morals and ways of God that are so lacking in young men today. I (and his sisters) can help teach him a proper, healthy love towards women one day. His father will be the greater part of teaching him to be strong and of good character. I think it’s beautiful what the Lord is doing and can’t wait to see the fruit of it in the upcoming years.

His name is Matthew Jeremiah Geraci Jr. Before we got married I had a dream I believed was from the Lord that we would have a son one day and to name him Matthew.

The only reason I wondered if this was a boy is because the Lord knows how much we can handle. I had postpartum depression after Hannah was born for 4 months or so. I couldn’t lose my weight as I usually do during that period of time. It gets a little hard being pregnant for the 3rd summer in a row – the back pain, the swelling, fear of giving birth. It’s hard knowing I will be missing my sleep at night again in 5 months, and not having my time after 8:30 at night each night (I cherish this time). So, the Lord knew the timing of all things and knowing we are having a son invigorates me to continue on. It opens my vision for our future wider.

I love, love, love my girls. So, much that it would break my heart if I couldn’t have our last child be a girl though. They are so soft and delicate as babies. There’s nothing like holding a baby girl and touching their delicate face and head. So, within 15 minutes of the ultrasound I was already sharing my thoughts on this with my husband.

But, for now it’s all BOY! We get to buy cute boy clothes and a new bumper and quilt for the bedding of the crib. John Deere tractor toys, cute navy corduroy overalls with trains on them. I feel him kicking me right now. This extra weight doesn’t matter for now. The aches and pains to come will all go to the wayside after the baby is born. I pray that he will be just like his father. He’s an upright man more than anyone I’ve ever met. Many men could learn from him. I know one day it will be so. Keep him in your prayers if you are a praying man or woman. He’s writing a book called, “Where Did the Strong Man Go?” It’s a book to lead men who lust to freedom in Christ. It is beautiful and even more beautiful to see the excited glow on my husband’s face each night after he writes or anytime he talks about it.

Okay, back to our boy! I just can’t wait. This is a day to remember. The Lord has blessed us once again. Thank You Lord.

Is It a Boy or a Girl????


Be sure to check back in here next week on Wednesday and we’ll post whether this little one is a boy or girl (as long as he/she doesn’t do what Hannah did last year and have the umbilical cord stuck between the legs).

Two Dresses Almost Made

DSC00005 DSC00007 DSC00004 DSC00012
I started sewing class last Wednesday. It went very well. The best part was the owner helped me finish a dress I started to make for Elisabeth last year. She spent 2 good hours with me as she had me do every stitch of sewing, apply the interfacing and even use a serger. On the yellow dress I just need to put a hem in the bottom of it and on Wednesday we will be putting in the button holes so I can put on the cute, red buttons.

I decided then that I didn’t want to forget all that I had learned and bought some cheap fabric at Walmart to make another dress. It’s almost to where the yellow one is now as I’ve worked on it some today. Here’s a picture of the pattern laid out.

I bought the used, cream colored Kenmore sewing machine from the owner for $50. I just don’t need anything fancy until I get a handle on sewing and maybe by then I will know what I want. But, I kept eyeing the beautiful, old, black, straight stitch sewing machine. Since she was only selling it for $35, I couldn’t resist! I want to make quilts some day. I’ve wanted to for years actually. So, this would be great for quilting. I think it’s just pretty to look at!

So, that’s my sewing for the week. I will have to post some pictures of Elisabeth in her new dresses once they are completely finished. I’d like to do a project a week. There’s some really cute pillowcase dresses and pillowcase skirts online. I might try my hand at that next.

Learning to Play Piano

DSC00008Well, I’m actually learning to play the keyboard. But would love to play the piano one day. Since I’m just learning we thought it best to start with a keyboard. Also, we really don’t want to move a piano to Tennessee… if we ever sell our house that is!

So, I got the keyboard delivered by UPS on the 23rd of May. I started studying the keyboard notes, hand positions and trying to learn how to read music. It was coming together just fine for a couple of days but then came to a standstill. I knew I needed some helps that I could have practice in learning how to read the music. The keyboard is really easy as each octave (a grouping of keys on the keyboard) is comprised of 12 keys. All the keys are the same in each octave. Anyways, remembering what note is on what line or space I was finding to be a little difficult. At Matthew’s suggestion I went to a music store and bought a beginner piano book. The man at the store recommended:

I bought the one with the music CD and am glad I did. It really helps to know that what you’re playing sounds right. Anyways, I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. I am so excited to be doing this and actually playing now. I’m already on song 27! Mind you, many of the songs are comprised of few notes to help you learn them. But, there are some actual songs in there. I started posting questions on a Piano World forum and have come to find that this is the book that most of the piano teachers use for their students. It usually takes a good 9-12 months before completing the 1st book but once you do you’re a pretty proficient piano player. Some of the songs I’m working on right now: “Jingle Bells” and “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

This has been the hard part for me. There’s the treble clef and the bass clef. The right hand plays the treble clef (looks like the swirly S picture), the left hand plays the bass clef (looks almost like a backwards Nike swoosh). Note how the notes are on different lines – yikes!


Homemade English Muffins

DSC00023 DSC00025
I went to the local bakery outlet to buy some bread and was about to pick up some english muffins when I thought, “I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making them”. So, I decided to leave them be and made homemade english muffins later that week. I let the dough ferment overnight so they had a really good sourdough, almost beer like taste to them. Yum! Matthew had 2 more today for breakfast. I think they’d be great with eggs. They are very easy to make too.