Our chickens are already 10+ weeks old. They have been out in the hen house for a couple of weeks now. They are so sweet! They come running up to us for food anytime we go down to the barn. One little black chicken is our favorite. She is the sweetest as she is not afraid of us. She always comes very near us and lets us pick her up very easily. I named her Henrietta. One of the Plymouth Rocks (the black and white) we think is a rooster. He’s the one with the red neck and crown. So, if that is the case we will have not only eggs but more chickens later. We both thought that they would stick pretty bad but surprisingly, there is very little odor from them. Matthew takes good care of the animals though and keeps everything so clean. By the way… we bought 3 turkeys last week, one Matthew will take care of for Thanksgiving dinner! They should get up to 35 pounds or so. We’ll post pictures later. They’re kind of ugly birds unless they are on your table.

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