As For Our Calf…

When our calf was just 17 days old, our neighbor Carol called us up. Remember, she is the one who helped birth this calf from her old cow Mary whom she had for 19 years until we bought her last year. Anyways, she wanted to know if Matthew would be willing to sell the calf to her. She wanted to buy her for her grandchildren who live next door to her (I personally think she wanted to have her because her favorite cow Mary died and this calf came from her – just some sentimental feelings there). So, after some consideration we thought it best to bless our neighbor with this beautiful calf. Matthew was sad for the first 24 hours as he had grown very, very attached to this calf whom he had bottle fed for nearly 3 weeks. But, at the first sound of laughter of the children on the hill with the calf and later him seeing them with her, his woes went away. Here she is in this picture just a week or two old.

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