Uh Oh, Am I in Trouble???

Elisabeth knows she is not supposed to get onto the back of the couch and she’s looking at me like, “Am I in trouble”? Observe the baby bib and baby outfit around her neck. She has recently started picking up clothing items and putting them around the back of her neck like a shawl. It’s cute! She’s just starting to talk. She says; mama, dada, ga (cookie and cereal), Jeese (Jesus), dogump (doggie) and some more that I can’t think of right now. She’s also starting to crawl onto our kitchen table which is quite big, can stack cups within each other and the other day she was playing with 3 jars of my new spices. She couldn’t pick up all 3 at the same time so she squeezed the middle one that was laying down with the ones on the sides that were upright. Something we would do. We’re both shocked at how smart she is. It just amazes me.

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