A Variety of Pictures

Elisabeth almost 18 months old in this picture.

I’m a comin around the corner on all fours chasing Elisabeth. She loves it when I do this as she squeals!

Elisabeth securing Hannah before we leave!

Here Comes the Hail!

This picture was taken a few days ago. It ended up being hail. We have had more hail storms in 2 weeks than I’ve witnessed in my whole life. This morning even looked worst and ended up being snow.

Elisabeth 10 Months Ago

I was going through pictures the other evening and saw this one! I just died – I can’t believe how cute she was and so little when she was learning to crawl. I miss her being a baby still. It went so quick! : (

Pictures From Last Month

Here are some precious pictures I took of Elisabeth last month. I think I forgot to put these up as our storm hit the next day. I love the picture of Elisabeth standing holding her blankie, she gives me a glimpse here of how she may look when she’s older one day.

Looking at me inquisitively…. hmmm.

Taking a rest

Trying on mommy’s headband

Well, what can I say about this picture other than too cute!!!