Brisket Anyone???

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Here’s our cow Brisket. He was born in February, his mother died when he was only 6 weeks old. My husband had to be the new mommy and baby him back to full health with calf starter. He was just slaughtered a few days ago and the hanging weight was 318 lbs. So, he must have been at least 550 lbs! Big Boy! We’re waiting the arrival of our beef sometime in the next week.
Update: Brisket’s back home! We had New York steak the first night and just had homemade tacos with homemade tortillas the other night. The meat, even the ground beef cannot be compared to the junk you buy in the store. The ground beef is about 6% fat and really healthy looking red with very little marbling as you see in the store bought meat.

Canning and Cooking!


We’ve been busy this week with some fun things. I made a delicious homemade calzone and my husband canned up 30+ jars of fresh albacore tuna. Goodbye Starkist! He canned some of the tuna with fresh garlic and herbs and canned a few jars with a little jalapeno which was suggested by Captain Steve of Westport where my husband fillets tuna each Summer.

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Daddy and His Daughters



Here Elisabeth isn’t feeling so well the other day. She nestled up against daddy and has sat with daddy each morning for some time while waking up.
This picture of Hannah and her daddy reminds me of one I took last year of Elisabeth and her daddy! I’ll have to find the other one and compare!

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More Pictures of Hannah

Here are some more pictures of little Hannah. She is such a little Sweetie Pie! She is the easiest baby – she sleeps from 10:30pm to 6:00am already! She has the softest, little personality and has the best eye contact of any baby I’ve ever had. She is truly a gift from God.
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Pictures 537My favorite baby picture of Hannah
DSC00017Happy daddy and his girls.