First Major Rash


Poor Elisabeth… Sometime last night she must have made a mess in her diaper. Mommy had trouble sleeping for half the night so daddy was the one up early to deal with the mess. Her little bottom is still red 12 hours later. See her little expression of discomfort here while she’s cooling off her behind in the kitchen sink.

7-9 months – Wiggle Worm!

Yikes! What happened to my little girl? She has become a wiggle worm! I can hardly hold her anymore as she wants to crawl, play, sit and pull herself up all the time. Everyone comments about what a happy baby she is – and boy is she. We love her so very much and thank the Lord for her. She is such a blessing to our lives we couldn’t imagine life without her now. Thank You Jesus for the gift of such a child.

Completed Nursery

Elisabeth is just the best, little sleeper in the whole wide world and I think it’s because her daddy put so much time and attention into her little room! Since 3 months old she sleeps from 8:30 pm to 7:30am and a nap from 12:30 to 4:30! She’s happy and chipper when she’s awake – who can ask for anything more?